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    Additional info

    Level Qualification Equivalent to
    7 Fellowship (FCGI) Doctorate
    6 Membership (MCGI) Masters' degree
    5 Graduateship (GCGI)/Associateship (ACGI) - NVQ 5 1st degree - BS BA etc.
    4 Licentiateship (LCGI) Full Technological Certificate/Full
    Technological Diploma, Advanced Technician Diploma - NVQ 4
    1st year of UK university - 2 years US University.
    bachelors' degre Evidence of successful,
    recent work experience
    Managerial experience

    3 - Advanced Diploma, Technician Diploma, Pitman Qualifications Professional/Level 3
    NVQ 3
    GCE advanced level
    University entrance
    Supervisory skills
    2 - Diploma, Technician Certificate, Pitman Qualifications Advanced/Level 2
    NVQ 2 - Able to work independently
    in a particular job

    1- Certificate, School Leaving Qualification
    Pitman Qualifications Intermediate
    NVQ 1
    Preparation for work
    Can work with supervision
    Pitman Qualifications Essential
    First qualification for life
    long learning
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    I'm reading each word you have written very carefully here, I have a question about this statement:

    "Later he obtained a brochure of equivalent classes for such a
    designation, he also applied to City and Guilds for Full Technological Diploma. - this is a minimum requirement for IEng by IIE UK were he is registered as IEng.

    Now he had his LCGI evaluated by NACES member agency with other certificates he applied to HPU and was accepted as mature
    entry in to two final years of Bachelors degree program."

    Where did he obtain the brochure of equivalence for classes, did he submit this brochure and his LCGI to the NACES group for approval and did they only look at the brochure and his LCGI diploma when making their report? I have the LCGI too, got it from NRP equivalence of my educational background. I would like to challenge for a IEng position next and I'm wondering what the best way is to proceed. What is the requirement for a Full Tech. Diploma? What did he have to submit aside from the LCGI?


    I have filled out my application for ASCET and Emailed them for payment, thanks to you!
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    Quick update:

    I've just received confirmation from the General Manager that I will be "inducted into the ASCET, based upon my LCGI title, there will be no problem", this is great news!
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    Congratulations!, did you apply for Certified member grade?

    I sent your questions to my friend.
    From what I remember is LCGI is equivalent to Full Technological Diploma - this is International Vocational Qualification with defined corriculum and requirements.
    the same is for Advanced Technician Diploma they all are on Level 4 or 4+.

    You don't get GPA but pass / fail results and holding LCGI its like having pass on all the classes for the FTC/D.

    I will have more info once Yefim writes back to me or I talk to him.

    Now what I called broshure is actually official C&GI Syllabus for what this programme consists.

    Example Electronics Engineering Technology

    Syllabus areas:
    Engineering fundamentals
    • Electrical and electronic applications
    • Electrical and electronic assignments
    • Computer aided communication
    • Electrical power
    • Electronics
    • Advanced electrical principles
    • Control systems and applications
    • Distribution and utilisation of electrical energy
    • Generation and supply of electrical energy
    • Micro-electronic circuits and systems
    • Electrical plant and equipment
    • Advanced mathematics

    Method of assessment is by:
    Multiple choice and short answer question papers plus practical assignments.
    Note: The Full Technological Diploma (FTD) is available to those who successfully
    complete this programme (or the appropriate mix of 8030 and 8030 (2000)).

    LCGI = FTD they are quivalents on the same level.

    FTD and HND are good for entry in to IEng.

    A Full Technological Diploma (FTD) is only awarded on the basis of City & Guilds new Technician
    awards and equal to lCGI. These can easily be recognised because all the awards include the titles Diploma and Advanced

    The completed application form and all attachments should be addressed to:

    International Operations (FTD)
    City & Guilds (WS1)
    1 Giltspur Street
    EC1A 9DD
    United Kingdom

    Full Technological Diploma Application Form

    INSTRUCTIONS: Please complete this form in CAPITAL LETTERS IN INK to apply for a Full
    Technological Diploma. The appropriate fee must accompany each request for a Diploma. Please read the
    following notes before completing this form.

    CANDIDATE NAME (Write your name in CAPITAL LETTERS as you wish it to appear on the Diploma.)

    ADDRESS (This is the address to which the Diploma will be sent.)
    ....................................................................................................Country ........................................

    Date of birth Please tick appropriate box
    _ _ / _ _ / _ _ Male
    I am applying for an FTD in the subject stated below.

    I am entitled to the above Full Technological Diploma due to success in the following

    Title of Award Level Date of Award Name of Centre where examination was

    I enclose
    1 Photostats of Diploma and Advanced Diploma Certificates.
    2 Portfolio of Evidence including

    2.1 Summary of relevant work experience.
    2.2 Letter from each employer confirming claimed work experience.
    2.3 Curriculum Vitae (CV).
    2.4 Details of two professional referees (Name, Address, Status) whom I understand will be contacted.
    2.5 Details of courses or other professional development/training undertaken (if appropriate)
    3 A cheque/banker’s draft for £75 (pounds sterling) payable to City & Guilds.
    Signature ............................................................................... Date .................................................

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    Certainly confirms the status and potential utility of both the IEng and the GCGLI qualifications - on the world scene.
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    The Engineering Council (UK) Examinations
    Advanced Technician Diploma
    Technician Diploma
    Holders of a LCGI or an Advanced Technician Diploma are eligible to
    register at the Graduate Diploma level of the Engineering
    Council Examinations.
    Holders of a Technician Diploma are eligible to register at
    Certificate level.

    Institution of Incorporated Engineers (IIE)
    Advanced Technician Diploma
    Technician Diploma
    The Institution of Incorporated Engineers (IIE) welcomes
    applications for membership from holders of a LCGI or an Advanced
    Technician Diploma or a Technician Diploma.
    Subsequently, those who apply for registration with the
    EC(UK), Individual Case Procedure (ICP) is applied. This
    requires that the intending registrant provides details of
    the content of the courses undertaken and the
    performance or outcome attained, in each case.
    A holder of a Technician Diploma is normally eligible to
    become a member of IIE (MIIE), and may subsequently
    register as an Engineering Technician (EngTech) once
    competence and commitment requirements have
    been satisfied.

    A holder of a LCGI or an Advanced Technician Diploma is also
    normally eligible to become a member of IIE (MIIE), and
    partially satisfies the educational base requirement for
    registration as an Incorporated Engineer. A holder of this
    award who undertakes further learning - equivalent to the
    final year of a relevant Bachelor’s degree - will be eligible to
    register as an Incorporated Engineer (IEng), subject to ICP.
    A successful Professional Review of competence and
    commitment is also required.
    Accredited qualifications do not require the holder to be
    assessed through ICP. However, under the terms of its
    license from the EC(UK), IIE cannot accredit qualifications in
    isolation, only at the invitation of a college or University
    where the qualifications are delivered. Negotiations have
    also started in an effort to agree a suitable set of criteria to
    make the accreditation of City & Guilds awards much more
    Institution of Incorporated Engineers
    Savoy Hill House
    Savoy Hill
    WC2R 0BS
    England UK
    T +44 (0) 20 7836 3357
    F +44 (0) 20 7497 9006

    Recognition List
    Awards and IVQs in Telecommunication Systems
    (2730) Jan 2006 - EU Bulgaria
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    Hello again Lerner!

    You certainly are up to speed on this program! I did apply for the Certified Member status and decided to send the "General Manager" a quick Email to ask him/her if I could pay via VISA as I didn't want to gamble on a money order if I was not eligable for Cert. Member status. To my surprise, he has little to do on a Sunday like me and he responded right away with a "no problem", that I would be inducted into the membership as "certified".

    This is great news and my member dues cover 16 months too, as my timing couldn't be better, re: their fiscal yearend.

    I would like to know more about how your friend managed to get a copy of the curriculum and a statement of "pass" so that I could send this information off to the IIE. I think I understood that you needed to show some background on the LCGI in order to receive IEng status. Not sure if I have this right or not! Anyway, I would like to fill out the IEng forms and send them in ASAP to see if I can convert my LCGI to IEng soon. Do I have to obtain a FTD from C&G and then apply this against the IEng challenge?

    Thanks for all of your help, much appreciated!

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    my friend will be flying to London for his GCGI interview.

    the additional classes he took at Open university helped him to qualify for IEng.

    Now he is at HPU 3ed year Undergrad degree program even if he gets his GCGI. he wants to gain new knowladge and enjoy the university life in Hawaii.

    IIE is merging with IEE to form IET on March 31 so you may want to write them and ask what should you do.

    I think your canadian credential may be all you need pluss the LCGI

    once Yefim provides additional info I will post it here.
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    LCGI is comparible and on the same level as FTC
    City & Guilds Full Technological Certificate

    This is taken from IIE web site

    IEng is vocational/professional qualification its not an academic degree but a qualification on the level of Bachelors degree.

    In some countries the vocational qualification may be more important for employment purposes than the degree.
    But in my view they go together and studying for degree and earning professional/vocational qualifications is the winning formula.
    Many UK universities offer qualifications during the learners path tho a degree, so students are encouraged to apply for lCGI wile they are in their second year in university.

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    By the way do you know what is your level in national Qualification Framework UK.

    NQF was revised with additional levels added - 1 to 8 now.

    Level 4 and level 5 were extended.

    For example GCGI is first honors degree comparable in UK - in
    NQF it is level 6H - H - honors.

    LCGI - level 4 is now I think level 5 of NQF I - Intermediate - Foundation Degree - AS comparable.

    but actually LCGI and GCGI are more than just academic degrees equivalent qualifications they contain a Training and Professional Experience in addition to Academic Education.

    This is why they are called Sr Awards and respected by the Employers and Universities.
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    When you say "AS comparable", are you reffering to "Associate of Science" comparable or are you referring to "AS level ( ie halkf an A level) comparable"?
  12. Lerner

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    Associate Degree in USA from RA university or college.

  13. Lerner

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    Just a quick note to let you know that I constantly check for your posts on this subject and I want to thank you for "digging" up this information. When I have some more time I'll do some research myself, I'm in England the first week in July and will make the effort to visit with C&G,

    Thanks again!
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    City & Guilds; FTD/LCGI

    Hi Everyone,

    I am a holder of Full Technological Diploma in Electrical engineering. Presently I am working as an Electrical Engineer in Sri Lanka and planning to move to Canada in very shortly.

    I have seen Mr. Mogan's message and I am fully agree with him about acceptance of C&G qualifications in north America. They never accept this as an engineering qualification. Also, it is very difficult to obtain a good job or further studies opportunities.

    Is anybody can mention the equalance to he FTD/LCGI award in Canada/North America?

    And i am very happy to help anyone regarding obtaining the Full Technological Diploma as I have very resent experience with City & Guilds.

    I awaiting help from some one who can help me in obtaining the equalance qualification in Canada to LCGI or FTD.

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    You can start with:
    Home Page
    This is for Ontario, Canada.

    Each province has it's own unique membership program and as you can see:
    Steps to Certification
    This gets your foot in the door and that's a good start.

    Here is a letter from OACETT Canada:

    By emailing her, you will be provided with the fast-track forms to help you achieve CET status in Canada. Again, I don't know which province you are interested in so this is an example for Ontario. Good luck.

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