Chose style of MBA ring - now soliciting other opinions

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussions' started by Mr. Engineer, Oct 3, 2005.

  1. DesElms

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    No... and I know your question was in jest, but the mere mention of him gives me heartburn. I will always believe that his election and governorship was among the darkest and most shameful chapters -- and one of the biggest fiascos, just generally -- in Minnesota history... for all the obvious reasons.

    But, in addition, when he was a local AM radio talkshow host before he ran for governor, he made himself my enemy with his thoughtless on-air pro-prostitution commentary regarding the anti-prostitution ordinances and state laws I was trying to get passed there at the time.

    One day, as one of the many live, on-air interviews my co-author and I did at the time, Ventura entered the neighboring studio to prepare for his program which followed the one on which I was a guest. Of course he could hear us through the monitors in his studio. His back was to me, but as we talked I could see him through the glass, shaking his head in obvious disagreement with what we were saying; and at one point even raising his right hand in an obscene gesture toward me which I will not here describe.

    When our program ended, and Ventura's began, he spent the first nearly an hour slamming us, promoting prostitution, and generally making an ass of himself as only he could. In a subsequent article that I wrote in a local publication there, and also in most of my hundred or so public appearances at the time, I so skewered him over it that during several of his later appearances on the campaign trail, he was confronted with it and summarily backpeddled like the coward that he was... and remains.

    My feather boa remark was not intended to conjure-up memories of Jesse Ventura... but, alas, it obviously has. Pity. He's not worth the time it takes to discuss him. Never was. Never will be.
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    Re: Re: Iron Ring / Steel Ring for Engineers

    Actually, the Canadian engineers have figured this out. From the entry on "iron ring" at Wikipedia:
    So now both the Canadian "iron ring" and the American "steel ring" are made of stainless steel. The difference is that the "iron ring" is faceted and the "steel ring" is smooth.
  3. Guest

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    Was kidding of course and was unaware of your experiences.Grew up in Minnesota but moved to Calif. Used to kid my sister in Mpls. about Gov. JV and lo and behold we get Arnold.

  4. Mr. Engineer

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    Interesting ring - definitely for a Structural or Civil Engineer and not an EE.

    I like the CAL STATE

    Good suggestion Gregg. I might put CSUDH on the side.
  5. DesElms

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    Oh, gosh... I wasn't upset with you or anything. Sorry if I came across that way. I was just sayin' that the mere thought of the guy gives me heartburn. That's not your fault! :)

    Smartest move you ever made, I'm betting... although, I'll bet yer missin' dem Midwest housing prices!

    Ugh! Indeed. And now that I think of it, didn't Jesse do some kind of commercial about that at the time that was hilarious? I seem to recall that.

    And talk about coincidences... I hadn't even thought of Jesse for I can't even remember how long; then all of a sudden, there's this thread, and then I saw him interviewed on... I think it was MS-NBC tonight. When it rains, it pours, I guess.
  6. uncle janko

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    shameful North Carpathian

    JV = slovensky durak with a fake name, a fake brain, and no morals
  7. uncle janko

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    another class ring approach entirely

    Of course, you can buy other people's used class rings on eBay and wear them.

    Now there's a conversation starter: "No, I didn't go to Porfirio Diaz Graduate School of Economics. But I've got my MBA from CSUDH and I'm such a financial whizbang that I bought this ring used to save money and still have the splendour of a class ring. Come to think of it, I can bring this same expertise to your company, save you piles of money and make Valley Widget S.A. known worldwide (admit it, you didn't know Don Porfirio had a university named for him--BUT NOW YOU DO!) while you pay me somewhat smaller piles of money and we all become rich and famous."
  8. decimon

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    Re: another class ring approach entirely

    Porfirio Rubirosa is a better school.
  9. uncle janko

    uncle janko member

    True. Especially its Hutton School of Marketing.
  10. bing

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    I did the MBA through CSUDH. Never thought about getting a ring...mainly because I don't even wear the ring I bought when I graduated with a BS. The older I got the more I didn't like any jewelry. I still wear a wedding ring but hate wearing anything else. I might have worn my undergrad ring maybe 1 year before it just got old. I felt it was gaudy, too. It was a stadium style and massive. Now, all the rings seem gaudy to me.
  11. AUTiger00

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    Not to derail the thread, but out of curiosity, do a lot of you wear class rings? I know of one friend who wears his Clemson ring every day, another older gentleman I am associated with through the Auburn Alumni Association that always has his on and of all of my friends that are graduates of the Citadel (this isn't surprising as the rings are a big tradition with the school, they even hold a ring presentation ceremony to the entire class). I have one from Auburn that I wear to Auburn events, I received a HGSE ring as a gift from an aunt and uncle that I can honestly say I've worn one time.
  12. RichC.

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    I have seen Texas A&M grads call others out if they weren't wearing their ring. I had a roomate while I was in the Marine Corps that never took his off, even when recommended that he should take it off. I only wear my wedding ring.
  13. Ted Heiks

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    I still wear my high school ring and my college ring. Never got around to getting my MBA ring.
  14. skidadl

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    Well, being an Aggie is much like being in a cult.
  15. major56

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    I concur with this …
  16. Ted Heiks

    Ted Heiks Moderator and Distinguished Senior Member

    Because they can.

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