Cheyenne Herald has posted student lawsuit v. Warren National

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    3/22/2010 Cheyenne Herald now reporting 197 students suing Warren National, up from the original 60.
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    One of the largest is unaccredited? Interesting.

    Wait a minute? You can't be licensed to operate without accreditation? But you can't get accreditation without having operated for a while. A legal catch 22?

    Well, here is the heart of the issue. If they really did do this, then I hope the lawsuit brings them to their financial knees.

    For one thing, I put responsibility on the individual to learn about academic accreditation. Although, in kind, I think schools have an ethical responsibility to let that information be known to students before applying. Also, I do not think it is dishonest to say that the "quality" and "value" of a degree are not effected by accreditation, when those two points are highly subjective. However, if they promised that their unaccredited degrees were equal in stature and general acceptability as accredited degrees, then they definitely did something wrong. No matter how good the education there is, "unaccredited" equals illegitimate in the minds of many people and the degree should not be advertised nor promoted as if that wasn't true.

    This is BAD.

    As I mentioned earlier, accreditation can not happen until after some time of operation. The world's next Princeton could start operations tomorrow and yet still fall under the category of "unaccredited universities" that this statement finds problematic.

    So the employers should be sued too.
    Maybe, but unless they were extorted, aren't the Plaintiffs old enough to know how to say no?

    What else would you expect from an online university?!

    Anyway, we'll see how this plays out, but I am not impressed with either the Defendant nor the Plaintiffs after reading that.

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