Chelsea Clinton, PhD

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    Chelsea Clinton has been awarded a PhD from Oxford university.

    In 2003, Clinton completed an MPhil in International Relations.[29] Following her graduation, she returned to the United States.[21] In 2011, Clinton began pursuing a DPhil in International Relations from Oxford, doing her doctoral work from New York City where she resides;[30][31] she was awarded the degree in May 2014.[32]
    Source: Chelsea Clinton - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    So it appears that her PhD falls into the distant degree category.
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    Oxford has a department of continuing education with several DPhil programs listed. They are listed as "part time" programs.

    Course search results | Oxford University Department for Continuing Education

    Here is a DPhil program in Evidence Based Health Care they offer as an example:

    Course details | Oxford University Department for Continuing Education

    In the program description it states:

    The emphasis is mine. So, unless I'm reading this wrong, Oxford does appear to offer DL doctorates. They've just never been discussed on this board before to my knowledge.

    I didn't see Chelsea's program listed, but I wouldn't be a bit surprised if the Clinton offspring got a little special treatment.

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