cheapest undergraduate and undergraduate credits available

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    Seeking the cheapest undergraduate and graduate credits available. In our four person family everyone is involved is distance learning. Be well.

  2. You might want to check out the Excelsior College DistanceLearn database, available through Peterson's online at$.startup

    Scroll down to the bottom of the page; you can search by key word, subject, delivery media, undergraduate/graduate credit and maximum cost.

    But have some caution; not all schools will accept all transfer credit, so if your goal is a degree, you'd do better to find one school that fits your needs pretty well and take courses through them or courses from other schools that they've approved.

    Kristin Evenson Hirst
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    Seeking the cheapest undergraduate and graduate credits available. In our four person family everyone is involved is distance learning. Be well.

    I put my own table of these up last year, then couldn't find it, but Bill Gossett found it and reposted it, so it is somewhere on this forum, hopefully findable by search. As I recall, the range was from under $50 a unit to over $400 -- and, as always, no apparent correlation between cost and quality.
  4. Gus Sainz

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    John Bears' Tuition Table

    Dollars School
    per semester

    40 Cal State Sacramento
    47 Savannah State U
    50 Texas A & M
    50 U S Department of Agriculture (National Independent Study Center)
    52 Sam Houston State
    53 Texas Tech
    55 Utah Valley State C
    57 Southwest Texas State U
    60 Louisiana State
    60 Mississippi State U
    60 U of Arkansas
    61 Auburn
    65 Life Bible C
    65 U of Southern Mississippi
    65 U of Texas
    67 U of Idaho
    70 Adams State
    70 Oklahoma State U
    70 U of Alabama
    70 U of Central Arkansas
    70 U of Nevada
    70 U of Oklahoma
    72 Northwood U
    72 Virginia Polytechnic Institute
    75 Emporia State
    75 Taylor U
    75 U of Mississippi
    75 U of Southern Colorado
    76 Middle Tennessee State
    76 U of Saskatchewan
    77 U of Washington
    79 Murray State U
    79 Northern Stte U
    79 U of South Dakota
    80 Southern Illinois U
    80 U of Colorado
    80 U of Illinois
    80 U of Iowa
    80 U of North Carolina
    80 U of Northern Colorado
    80 U of Northern Iowa
    81 Brigham Young
    81 U of Wyoming
    82 Washington State U
    84 U of Tennessee
    85 Eastern Michigan U
    85 U of North Dakota
    85 U of Utah
    86 Eastern Kentucky U
    87 Charter Oak State College
    87 U of New Brunswick
    88 Kansas State U
    88 U of Kansas
    89 U of Nebraska
    90 Indiana U
    90 Ohio U
    90 U of Manitoba
    92 Arizona State
    92 Portland State U
    94 Colorado State U
    94 Thomas Edison State C
    95 Minot State U
    96 U of Windsor
    96 U of Wisconsin Superior
    97 Governors State U
    99 University System of Georgia
    100 Eastern Washington U
    100 U of Kentucky
    100 U of New Mexico
    106 Bethany College Ball State220
    107 Eastern Oregon U
    110 Moody Bible
    110 Northwestern College
    110 U of Wisconsin Extension
    113 Empire State C
    115 Indiana State U
    115 Penn State U
    116 Chaldron State College
    120 Oregon State U
    125 Johnson Bible College
    125 Northern Michigan U
    125 U of Missouri
    130 Embry-Riddle
    133 Skidmore C
    133 U of Minnesota
    135 Cal State Dominguez Hills
    135 U of California
    140 Central Michigan
    144 Millersville U
    145 Upper Iowa U
    150 College of West Virginia
    150 Columbia Union
    150 Griggs U
    150 San Jose State U
    150 Southern Assemblies of God U
    150 U of South Carolina
    160 Athabasca
    160 Memorial U of Newfoundland
    167 Creighton U
    175 Salve Regina
    180 St. Josephs College
    209 U of Maryland
    217 Stephens C
    239 Texas Wesleyan
    240 Delaware Valley C
    240 Southern Utah U
    240 U of Charleston
    245 U of Michigan
    250 Regis U
    251 Marywood U
    252 St. Mary of the Woods
    260 David Myers College
    262 U of Florida
    275 McGill U
    277 Caldwell College
    290 Roger Williams U
    300 U. S. Sports Academy
    315 U of Memphis
    320 Syracuse U
    362 Roosevelt U
  5. bgossett

    bgossett New Member

    Here is an updated (as of two or three months ago) version. CSU Sacramento isn't on the list. Their offerings are confined to wastewater management and, iirc, were being offered as CEUs or something rather than academic credits. Several schools seem to have discontinued correspondence study. This appears to have been in favor of online courses at a few schools, or, as with a couple, by simply dropping them or hiding the pages so well I couldn't find them in a reasonable time frame.

    Many schools charge fees in addition to tuition. Registration and/or administrative fees range from $0 to $75 per course. A few tack on other, additional fees.

    Per Unit School

    52 Sam Houston State
    55 West Texas A&M University
    63 Southwest Texas State University
    65 Life Bible College
    67 Louisiana State University
    70 University of Arkansas
    70 University of Central Arkansas
    70 University of Southern Mississippi
    75 Johnson Bible College
    75 Portland State University
    79 University of Oklahoma
    80 Mississippi State University
    80 Texas Tech University
    80 Adams State College
    80 Ohio University
    80 University of Southern Colorado
    81 University of Nevada
    81 Auburn University
    82 Eastern Washington University
    85 Emporia State University
    85 University of Utah
    85 University of Alabama
    85 University of North Dakota
    85 University of South Carolina
    86 University of Texas
    90 University of Illinois
    90 University of Idaho
    90 University of Colorado
    91 Southern Utah University
    92 Arizona State University
    92 University of Iowa
    94 University of Wyoming
    94 Brigham Young University
    95 Murray State University
    95 Eastern Oregon University
    95 University of Mississippi
    95 Governor's State University
    97 Middle Tennessee State University
    99 Indiana University
    100 University of Kansas
    103 Colorado State University
    103 Southern Illinois University
    104 University System of Georgia
    105 University of Nebraska
    105 Minot State University
    106 Eastern Kentucky University
    118 University of Tennessee
    120 Moody Bible Institute
    125 Oregon State University
    127 University of New Mexico
    128 University of Washington
    129 Taylor University
    130 University of Kentucky
    130 Washington State University
    132 Ball State University
    132 Northern State University
    133 The Pennsylvania State University
    135 Indiana State University
    137 University of Missouri
    137 SUNY - Empire State College
    138 University of Wisconsin Extension
    140 Chadron State College
    140 University of New Brunswick
    140 Northern Michigan University
    142 University of Saskatchewan
    142 University of South Dakota
    150 Salve Regina University
    152 University of California Extension
    155 Upper Iowa University
    163 University of Minnesota
    170 Mountain State University
    173 Central Michigan University
    180 Griggs University
    195 Saint Joseph's College
    200 Creighton University
    200 Northwestern College
    217 Stephen's College
    292 David N. Myers College
    320 University of Florida
    337 Caldwell College
    429 Roosevelt University
    495 Columbia Union College
    580 Roger Williams University

    Bill Gossett
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    Cheapest Credits

    Have you considered the South African Univeristies and Technikons ?
  7. Myoptimism

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    A very interesting and useful list. A couple of schools (that I noticed) have bad info regarding tuition cost. Still, it is a good place to start. Here is a link to the courses and tuition costs in the Utah State Higher Education Association.


    Here is the tuition information for those who are busy :D .
    U of UTAH $105.00
    USU $110.00
    UVSC $120.00
    SUU $105.00
    CEU $74.50
    SLCC $84.50
  8. bgossett

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    Look at the dates of the thread. :)
  9. Myoptimism

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    :D LOL!! Yeah, I looked at 8/30 and kindof assumed because of the proximity to today's date it was recent.
    Some of my friends have suggested I should reign in my assumptions a little. ;) I'll assume they are correct.


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