cheapest CAADAC approved institution of higher learning?

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    cheapest online CAADAC approved institution of higher learning for drug and alcohol counseling

    Used to be Penn Foster but they apparently have dropped that program.
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    If your search criteria are 'cheap', 'online', and 'CAADAC approved', and it doesn't have to be a degree program or accredited, you might want to look at the California approved Breining Institute in Sacramento. They have been around for a long time.

    'Cheap' -- 45 quarter units x $39/unit = $1,755
    plus various fees

    Total program cost = $2,161.70

    'Online' -- check

    'CAADAC approved' -- The former CAADAC is now called CCAPP (California Consortium of Addiction Programs and Professionals). Breining is indeed approved by them.

    This is a one year, 45 quarter unit program.

    At the current time, alcohol and drug counselors are loosely regulated in California. There was some concern about that and recently a state senate bill was introduced to create a new professional license for "licensed drug and alcohol counselors". It would have required a masters or doctorate and a criminal background check. It wouldn't have been illegal to work in the field without the license, but these individuals couldn't call themselves "licensed counselors". But that proposal died in committee and nothing happened.

    The little report above on that has a useful summary of existing law. It seems that alcohol and drug counselors aren't currently certified or licensed directly by the state but rather by one of two state-recognized certifying organizations. (Breining is recognized by both of them).

    This explains how it works in California and how to get reciprocity in other states:
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    Thanks for this. I'm always wary of schools where the faculty have fake doctorates. A doctorate is not necessary to teach addition disorders and those who award themselves such degrees are usually slime. Once a cheat, always a cheat, IMHO.

    "and her Doctor of Addictive Disorders (Dr.AD) degree from Breining Institute"

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