Cheap RA credits without proctored exams?

Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by Randell1234, Aug 18, 2008.

  1. Randell1234

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    My wife is thinking about finishing her BS and we are looking for a school with cheap tuition and exams that are not proctored. We travel 75% of the time and never know when we will be home so we need a lot of freedom and flexibility. When I say cheap, I mean under $200 per credit. Thanks-

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    Troy University used to have 90% of classes didn't require proctor exam. I am not sure if that happen anymore. All the exams are open book, but limited time. You should check out with the office administration.
  3. soupbone

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    Randell if you find out post your answers if you don't mind. I have a cousin in a similar situation and I honestly told him I didn't think anything like this existed.
  4. Randell1234

    Randell1234 Moderator

    The some of the cheapest school I found are Fort Hayes State College and Western New Mexico University but I need to check if the exams are proctored.
  5. soupbone

    soupbone Active Member

    I was referring to the proctored part as well. My cousin is one of these guys that travel all the time. He does carry his laptop so taking them online is not an issue at all. I just told him that I didn't think non proctored RA credits existed. I guess I should have asked here first. :)
  6. Ron Dotson

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    I asked about proctors when doing WNMU course-work and was told (through their information request form on the website) that exams were not proctored.

    Quote from the email:

    "Thanks for your interest in WNMU. To answer your questions: The exams
    are administered online. I know of no instructors who require proctors
    at this time."
  7. Refugee

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    TUI has a good discount for anyone who works for a local, state, or the federal government, as well as for those who live in CA. It comes out to $187.50 a credit hour (for both undergrad and grad level) with the discount and TUI is all writing based, no tests.
  8. japhy4529

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    Check out Peru State College. Peru is a regionally accredited insitution, located in Nebraska. They offer a number of online Bachelors degrees with various majors, including: Liberal Arts, Psychology, Criminal Justice and Business Administration. I do not believe that they require any proctored exams. Tuition is only $168.50/credit.

    You may search for Peru on this board. I have seen mostly positive feedback regarding the school.

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  9. AV8R

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    I can confirm this. I'm working on a second BS right now through Peru State College and none of the exams are proctored. Tuition just went up a bit though. Tuition is now right at $500 for a three credit class.
  10. Fortunato

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    Your wife might want to look into taking classes at the University of Wyoming. When I went there 4 years ago, they did not require proctors for their online classes. As far as I know, that hasn't changed. Classes are about $140.00 per credit hour, $40.00 of which is a fee for online classes. If you search my comments, you'll see many glowing reviews about Wyoming's classes and professors. I wholeheartedly recommend your wife take classes there.
  11. kayausa

    kayausa New Member

    well fema courses aren't proctored...
  12. soupbone

    soupbone Active Member

    True but FEMA courses aren't through a RA University or College although they can be transcripted for RA credits. He was referring to actual classes too. ;)
  13. cookderosa

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    If I could plug this school, they have AMAZING customer service and I give them A+ in my interaction with the division which handles the MA online. I have not taken any courses yet, so can't add to the issue of proctors, but the 2 instructors I have emailed with were clearly "above and beyond for you" type- it's refreshing! The grad credits are around $160 per credit, I am pretty sure the undergrad credit is less. (as long as you limit your load to 6 credits per semester- CLEP does not count in that amount)
  14. rtongue

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  15. BlueMason

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    Some of the exams at FHSU are proctored, others aren't. Of all the courses I've taken thus far, only 2 have been proctored (Bioethics (upper level credit) and Math).


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