Cheap Graduate Credits in Education and Possible Transfer Credits for Undergrad

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    I found out about these sources of graduate credit through this forum and the "sister" forum.
    Education Courses Online :: CEUs, PLUs, Undergraduate, Graduate, Clock Hours Distance Learning for Educators :: VESi
    ACT Program
    Earn Graduate Credit : PBS TeacherLine

    I found this awhile back.
    Annenberg Learner: Graduate Credit

    One member of the other forum was able to use credits earned through VESi and St. Catherine in his social science program at TESC. Today, I found several other sources for cheap graduate credit through the Morningside website.
    Independent Study, Video, and Online Educational Courses: Educational Resources of MN
    I'm not really sure on this one. Institute for Excellence in Writing® Online Writing Courses | Institute for Excellence in Writing
    Morningside College Graduate Education
    Grad Credits | Seela Science
    Morningside College Graduate Education
    Classes | The Art of Ed

    Complete list of Morningside partners.
    Morningside College Graduate Education
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    Someone was looking for continuing education courses, and I found my old thread. Most of the links are still good. ACT Program is now Advancement Courses.

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