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Discussion in 'IT and Computer-Related Degrees' started by Nathe, Apr 27, 2006.

  1. Nathe

    Nathe New Member

    Cutting down to the wire on costs. Troy seems to offer the cheapests degree in a Computer Science related Discipline. Of course they call it Applied computer science.

    What would be the disadvantage to the degree at Troy:

    At $163 a credit hour it is less than $20k for a BS degree. With a minor in business it seems like a decent option. I am concerened however about well it would translate in the real CS world.
  2. SteveFoerster

    SteveFoerster Resident Gadfly Staff Member

    In the real CS world I think the most important thing is whether you know what you're doing or not. I used to be an IT guy and it was the most meritocratic industry in which I've ever been.

  3. Xarick

    Xarick New Member

    Troy isnt really a CS. However with the minor in business option it make a very inexpensive CIS.

    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

    I am taking the last two classes at Troy University for Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. I like the school, but not really the program.

    I don't like most of the classes; some of the instructors give you penalties for turning late work, and some does not. Most of the instructor doesn't care if you attend the chat sessions, or post your work in the discussion board.

    For example: I earned my MCSE, A+, Network+, MCSA before I attended at Troy University, my certifications was evaluated from Thomas Edison State College. Troy University does not agree to give me credit on computer networking when I transfered transcript from TESC to Troy. Therefore, I have to take the Computer Networking class with Professor Jason Litz (Columbus State University grad); the assignment are reading the textbook and taking the online open book exams (80%), and 20% are discussion board.

    I completed all four exams within the first day of the class, and all disucssion board. I emailed the Professor, and there is no reply until week #6. There were 20 students in the class, but only 10 disccussion thread per week (3 for each).

  5. Nathe

    Nathe New Member

    Very curious tekman on a couple of things. Are you only upset about the networking stuff? Were the coding classes and other CS type classes better or were they all substandard in your opinion?

    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

    I have three "F's" in my record because of their unclear INC policies. Besides, all the staffs are useless.

    Networking is the only small protion of my concern. For example other programing classes, Advanced C++... when do you have to work the program in MS Words?

    I think...NETg courses are much better than Troy University's classes.

    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

    One thing I am proud to be Troy University student. I joined the Marine Corps right after high school. And most of my buddies went to college; some of them are graduated by the end of this semester. Some still stay in for another semester, some still in Community College. They end up owe over $20,000.00 for student loan. For me, Most of the time the T.A covers for tuition; except books...but Uncle Sam also takes care of those.

    Within four years from High School; I have four-year college degree, and serve four years in the Military. Also, most people are leaving four years from the Military with me... have to start from scratch by taking General Education, so the Montgomery G.I Bill pays for it.

    So, I think I have accomplished something...........

  8. wfready

    wfready New Member

    I agree with TEKMAN to a certain degree.

    Tekman's right about the networking class. I just went through all the PPT presentations and did the quizzes (now, did I get an A? No.. average score was an 86%.. then again, I didn't know much about networking [just what I know from work] before this class).

    This is just the instructor's (Litz) style (although I don't like his style too much). He probably makes it like this to accomodate for each students schedules. There is another class I am taking that you are required to meet Wednesday nights to cover the discussion topic of the week.

    "Were the coding classes and other CS type classes better or were they all substandard in your opinion?"

    No (not in my opinion atleast). I forgot the instructors name but he seemed the polar opposite of Litz. I learned a lot about programming in this program. Too bad I won't be using what I've learned..

    Bottom line, you will get different experiences from classes with different instructors no matter WHERE you go.


    PS. Tekman,

    Sempers, man. Are you taking comp networking this present semester? You and I are in the same class if you are.


    True. The admin staff will be useless IF:

    You do not initiate the communication. I still need to take the exit exams (that were required my junior year) because I failed to set a date. Once you got the ball rolling, however, everyone at Troy (especially my academic and VA advisors) has been more than helpful.

    PPPS (heh).

    I think this BS in Applied Computer Science will turn out to be A LOT more useful than the BSCS. Troy university tried making comp sci degree out of IS courses. Not as theoretical as most CS curriculum but lacks business courses in an IS or IT degree. So what you get is a graduate that has programming skills and doesn't quite grasp advanced computer topics and clueless in business (unless you minored in business, of course).
  9. Nathe

    Nathe New Member

    Re: I agree with TEKMAN to a certain degree.

    I didn't quite get this statement. Are you saying their current applied CS is crap or that their old CS is crap. Cause their applied CS doesn't seem to have any advanced topics either, nor any business unless you minor in it.
  10. wfready

    wfready New Member

    Sorry about that..

    The applied comp science curriculum seems to be a little better than the old comp science one. Now don't get me wrong, I don't think the old CS curriculum is "crap," it just seems to be in between an IT/IS degree and a computer science degree (not enough computer science.. not enough business.. making it hard to use, in my opinion). The applied computer science seems to plug in more "applied" subjects (making it more like an IT or IS degree to me). Instead of making their degree more like a CS degree, they went and made it more like an IT degree.

    Hope this makes sense.

  11. TEKMAN

    TEKMAN Semper Fi!


    You are right about B.S of Computer Science at Troy University. I am wondering if they offer the same curriculum at the traditional campuses. I think the reason their curriculum does not have a solid degree or major; thefore, they are not accredited by ABET. Tne new curriculum looks better, at least Business Calculus. The old one's math can be replaced with CLEP College Algebra.

    Nope, I don't take Computer Networking classes during this semester. I took it last semester because I was waiting to see if they give me credit from TESC Networking credits.

    For the class that you have hard time with, especially the chat sessions; I believe that is Professor Carden, which she was fired...and replaced by Professor E. Litz, and Kellett.

    BTW, When you are graduating? I thought you are taking the last two classes. Also, I sent you the reply message about M.S Computer Science at Capitol College.
  12. wfready

    wfready New Member

    I graduate in July. I THOUGHT I was taking my last two classes this term, but they didn't accept a couple of my transfer credits. So, I have art and speech to do next term (those are my last classes).

  13. TEKMAN

    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

    Hey BREADY,

    I realized you are from Plano. What part of Plano? I am moving to Little Elm, and hoping to find a job in Plano. I am ditching Uncle Sam, so I am heading to Little Elm on 26 of May. I bought the house in January, and I just took leave...and bought some furnitures as well as painting it. I can't wait to live in there... I am trying to continue to get my master degree; it is either UT-Dallas or Capitol College.

    BTW, Maybe you can come over to my house for a beer or something.

    Semper Fi,
  14. wfready

    wfready New Member

    I am on the West side of 75 just South of Legacy.

    I work at TI in Richardson (just south of Plano). They are building a new fab just off of George Bush. You may try and apply for a job there. There are all kinds of different companies in the telecomm corridor (just South of Plano). Are they hiring? I don't know..

    I like Texas a lot. Used to live in New England and I definately like Texas a whole lot better!

  15. Jbreaux

    Jbreaux New Member

    I didn't have the problems you described in Litz's course. I did get an A in the networking class but I have 10 years + experience in computer networking. So maybe this came easier for me.

    I had a good experience at Troy, the only problem I had was getting a firm time as to when they will mail my diploma!! I finally got it in March after graduating in December. If anyone has any questions please ask.


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