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  1. PaulC

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    Anyone else read the statement on credit rtansfer published by CHEA last fall? A lot of generalization and not intended to offer much in the way of specific recommendations. I did like the following quote:

    "Institutions and accreditors need to
    assure that transfer decisions are not made solely on the source of accreditation of a sending program or institution. While acknowledging that accreditation is an important factor, CHEA believes that receiving institutions ought to make clear their institutional reasons for accepting or not accepting credits that students seek to transfer. Students should have reasonable explanations about how work offered for credit is or is not of sufficient quality when compared with the receiving institution and how work is or is not comparable with curricula and standards to meet degree requirements of the receiving institution."

    Paul C.
  2. John Bear

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    I assume, Paul, that CHEA is saying that even if a school has CHEA-recognized accreditation, it does not necessarily mean that credits are transferable. But it could also be read as saying that even credits from a school with non-CHEA-approved accreditation might be transferable.

    Indeed, this is theoretically possible, in the case of courses that have been evaluated and rated (for credit amount) by the American Council on Education.

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