CHEA Launches New International Quality Group

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  1. Mohammed

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    The CHEA has recently launched a new Forum called the CHEA International Quality Group (CIQG)

    The forum is meant for international engagement and tackling of issues such as defining quality, addressing rankings, combating degree mills etc..
  2. thomson ga

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    Elaborate, please. On the bottom of one of its pages, "Membership in the CHEA International Quality Group does not constitute CHEA membership and is not connected to CHEA recognition".
  3. CalDog

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    CHEA membership and recognition is for schools accredited by CHEA-recognized agencies. Basically it's for US schools.

    The CHEA International Quality Group includes such schools, but it is apparently also open to anyone else concerned about international academic quality issues. According to their FAQs, membership is open to:

    - Higher education institutions in the United States accredited by U.S. Department of Education- or CHEA-recognized accrediting organizations
    - Higher education institutions from other countries in good standing with their national quality assurance bodies
    - Higher education accreditation and quality assurance organizations sanctioned by government or other competent authorities
    - Higher education associations
    - Government agencies
    - Businesses and corporations
    - Foundations

    The CHEA International Quality Group appears to be a completely legitimate group established by CHEA. There are news releases about it and links to the CHEA International Quality Group at the official CHEA website.
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