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    I was wondering..... considering all of my credits from AIU Online were to be accepted by Charter Oak State College (100 Quarter Hours -- 60 Semester) and the four other courses I have taken at my local university (12 Semester) were to transfer..... about how long could I expect to be a Charter Oak Student before earning my Bachelor's Degree? I would like to have it completed by at least April or May of 2005.

    Can I try to create a portfolio of my concentration? Is it acceptable to earn credits that way towards your concentration? Or -- could I possibly finish quicker by using Excelsoir College?

    AND..... What is Charter Oak's Individualized Studies?

    Last, I have not taken English 102. I have taken three literature courese through AIU Online. I took English 101..... then I took an American Literature Class..... and a class about Latin America that seemed, more than anything else, to be a literature class.
    Is there a possibility they might accept that other class (American Literature) as English 102 requirement? If not, I'm apparently in trouble because I NEED English 102 to become a Charter Oak student from my understanding of their website.
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    You have to have 6 units in written communication. A lot of us have English 101 and 102 or College writing 101 and 102. You may have something in your AS in business that will suffice but if it's technical in nature they may not use it. COSC tends to love the term "liberal arts" in descriptions of classes. If the decription of the classes you took have the words "applied" or "technical" or "business" in their description they will discount them towards your core requirements, at least that was my experience. I don't think your literature classes will work for the writing requirements. They will work probably for aesthetic demensions requirements, I used Analyzing and Interpreting Lit for the aesthetic.

    I would bet all of your AIU credits will fit somewhere but maybe not everywhere you would like.

    As far as portfolio credit, you need to understand that you must pick a course(s) from an accredited college and prove that you are proficient at that level and you must be very specific as you why you meet the criteria within the course. You most likely will need to prove your proficiency by supporting documentation. I think I read you are 21 years old. This may be difficult for you if you don't have written documentation which you may not have at your tender age.

    The thing I would warn you about in connection to trying to use portfolio credit is that you have to pay to have your attempt reviewed. COSC will help you do the portfolio with some written material to guide you. But ultimately, you will submit the portfolio with the fee (150.00 for matriculated students to attempt up to 15 credits and 300.00 for non-matriculated students) and let the cards fall where they may. I don't personally find that too encouraging but maybe you will.

    I think using the guideline of 1 year to complete is within reach as long as you plot your course and stay that course. This in and of itself is a little tricky. I'm trying to finish by September and have the actual diploma in my hands by November. I started the end of December, 2003 in earnest to get this thing under way with the help of those on this site.

    I really recommend you call them. Write down your questions, be personable and attentive to what they tell you. I've had excellent customer service from COSC and I'm not matriculated yet. I also recommend you download both their catalog and bullentin and print them. It makes it easier to see what you're doing.

    As far as the Individualized Studies, do a search of this topic. It has been addressed many times literally in the last 2 weeks. I'm fine with the title of the degree, when I'm done I will have more than the miniumum number of credits in two areas at the appropriate levels to actually have the equivalent of majors by most university standards. But this title makes many people uncomfortable based on their needs for employment. Since my goal in graduate school somewhere, that to me is where the specific title is important. But that's just me, it may not be what you are looking for.
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    Thanks for all of that advice!!!!! :) It was really helpful information. Well, I was worried about the same thing with the portfolio credits -- I don't really feel that I am old enough (and don't think they will either) to prove what I actually know. I've had several people urge me into wanting (somewhat) to try to earn some portfolio credits -- but that's just been because they know my Mother is an educator and my Father is a minister. Unfortunately, it's not really about what all my parents know. If it was my intention to get a concentration in Psychology -- I might actually be able to earn Portfolio credit (after hearing my Father talk people out of problems and troubles in the past -- conversations I probably shouldn't have heard) -- again, though, where exactly can I document that I've had this experience. I agree, spending $150 - $300 for portfolio credit (and having no idea where all the cards will land) is somewhat discouraging to me. Still, I guess if I just earned 3 credits (at either $150 or $300)would be a bargain compared to what earning 3 credits at other institutions would likely cost. If I earned more, that's wonderful. Still, it's a bit of a gamble.

    Also, has anybody visited I noticed courses that will be beginning in March (and some that there are still time to register for in February) in courses such as English 102, Introductory Astronomy, Developmental Psychology, etc. Courses I could take to help me along the way a little quicker -- especially the ENG102 -- which I'll need at Charter Oak.

    Thanks again, SeekingHelp!
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    Jurassic - My son is 19 and a sophomore at the University of Kentucky. He is the News Director and the Training Director at the university radio station. I have implored him to keep every email he sends to the other student employees and to keep several copies of the small manual he wrote last year about the FCC and other station regulations. All this with the idea that he may someday want to use this information for various college portfolio proof that at his "tender age" he, in fact, has done some pretty heavy management and organization for a 24 hour a day university entity. You should start accumunlating what ever you may have that you think might work for a port folio project. I don't think you can base anything on what your dad did by any stretch of the imagination. You need to read more about portfolio credit and how it works.

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