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    I applied to Charter Oak in June. They wanted some old AP Scores that I had sent this semester, so they finally have those. Now they're asking if I want to change my major to the quickest path to finish a degree. I have no idea how many classes I would need for any degree or how many of my transfer credits they would accept.

    Since applying to Charter Oak, I've already started college elsewhere. I'm genuinely shocked at how long this has taken, though I'm partly at fault for not getting them AP scores from the start. I wish they would have started on my transfer credit review without an AP score report, but they wouldn't. I have found the COSC application and review process to be the longest and most frustrating process out of all the colleges I've applied to.

    I know college applications can take a long time, but for those that have followed my story, here's an update.

    If you're applying to Charter Oak, I would give yourself plenty of time for them to process your application. If you want to start next fall 2022, I would apply no later than April 2022, if not sooner. Maybe your application would be quicker, but give yourself enough time with COSC.
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    For comparison's sake, I applied to APUS's BS in Mathematics in 2019 but decided not to attend. According to my email, the whole process took exactly a month from when they requested the documents to when I had a completed Transfer Credit Evaluation (TCE) with my exact degree plan..
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    Good comparison. I completed a certificate program at APUS. Admissions for a certificate at APUS took <1 week, from application to acceptance to financial aid offer. I would imagine an APUS transfer credit review for a degree program would have taken longer, but did not apply to an APUS degree. Admission and starting the APUS certificate program was the quickest and easiest application process I have ever come across.

    Excelsior took <3 weeks from application to transfer credit review in-hand in May 2021.

    TESU took about 5 business days from application to transfer credit review in-hand in May 2021.

    NYU SPS took just over 2 weeks from application to admission. They contacted me about a week after that to set up an appointment with an academic advisor. I don't remember when they sent their financial aid offer, but I think it was about 2 weeks after admission.

    Charter Oak is at the 3.5~ month mark with no transfer credit evaluation (partly my fault for not getting them AP Scores right when I applied). I believe COSC is losing potential students because they have such a lag and slow admissions time. I'm sure there are schools that are slower, but if anyone is considering COSC, I would allow many months (4-5+ months at the absolute minimum) to complete the admissions and review process with them. Interacting with COSC, or at least their advisor, has often made me want to hit my head on the wall it's so frustrating. Not as frustrating at University of the People's completely incompetent academic advisors, but very frustrating nonetheless.
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    They've added RA requirements, so COSC/TESU now require 30 community college credits or exams such as TECEPS/UEXCELS, even a PLA worth of credits will do. For those with international credits, that will work as well. Even though COSC/TESU allows up to 114 it now needs 30 of them to be RA. Excelsior is the only one that will allow 113 alternative credits, they do require 7 credits minimum.

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