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Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by Robert_555, Oct 27, 2006.

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    Hello All,

    A few weeks ago, I was deciding to whether or not to enroll in an online Doctor of Health Education program with A.T. Still University's School of Health Management. I have been admitted to the program and it is only two years for to complete as I have a master's degree in health education. Anyhow, I said I was not going to use this degree to teach. However, as time comes near to start my program, I have thought of a teaching at a university. However, I do not have teaching experience and limited experience as a health educator. Is an online doctoral program shunned upon in many brick and mortar institutions when comes to getting a faculty position? By the time I graduate, I will have about 3-4 years experience as a health educator but no teaching experience in an academic setting. Is there any way I can intern as a adjunct in a college or university so that I may get some teaching experience? I would be willing to do such a task for not cost for a limited time. Do colleges and universities have programs for doctoral students which instructs them to become a future professor? I know these may be silly questions, but I have earned my bachelor's, and both master's online. I have not attended a traditional university. I have also thought about teaching courses online. Does universities which have online degrees prefer to hire adjuncts whom have experienced online education themselves as students? Again, forgive me if I am not knowledgeable about such matters. Any advice would be of a great help. Thanks!
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    Hi. There is significant prejudice against online doctoral programs in business relative to landing full-time, tenure-track positions, even if the program includes short residencies. I don't know anything about the program you mention. Perhaps you could search the web for graduates of the program who are currently teaching and ask them.


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