CEO, no ivy required

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    Re: Re: CEO, no ivy required

    It would appear just as good as an Ivy League degree but in this case, and many other cases according to the statistics, a better ROI.
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    There are 2,466 4-year public and private universities in the US according to the Chronicle of Higher Education. The same source lists 9.7 million students enrolled.

    The Ivy League schools consist of eight colleges and universities and have approximately 120,000 enrolled students.

    According to the Money article cited in the beginning of this thread, 11% of Fortune 500 CEOs graduated from Ivy League schools.

    With less than 2% of US college students and 11% of top slots at F500 companies, its easy to see that an Ivy League education will give someone a much better chance at being a Fortune 500 CEO.
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    Yes but that 11% reflects a 31% decline over a six year period and only one 1 of the 25 (4%) of the new CEO's in 2005 were Ivy League graduates. The trend does not seem to favor nor give the advantage to Ivy League graduates as it did in the past.
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    Perhaps not as much of an advantage as in the past but still a huge advantage (when comparing the total number of ivy league graduates to the total number of all other college graduates).

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