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  1. Viet Nguyen

    Viet Nguyen New Member

    Which one is more toward degree-mill-like operation? Please state which one is better in your opinion. thanks!
  2. DWCox

    DWCox member

    CCU is a solid unaccredited distance education university. Keep in mind though it is the SCUPS system used by Northcentral that has gained recommendation for RA candidacy by NCA. Look for SCUPS to move toward DETC in the next few years. The major advantage to CCU vs. SCUPS is the course method, study guide vs. structured course outline.

    Regards, Wes
  3. tcnixon

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    I don't know that either is a degree mill, per se, but I also have no idea why anyone would choose either. There are certainly many, many better options out there.

    Tom Nixon

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