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    Congrats to CCU!

    Will this accreditaton now change the way CCU students complete their degree requirements? I know in the past, students were required to complete study guides that consisted of multiple choice examinations. Will this continue?

    I interested in completing a Master's Degree at CCU. Any info would be apreciated.

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    I have no first-hand knowledge, but I've heard that CCU now requires that their graduate students write papers for their classes as well as taking the multiple choice exams.

    I suppose that the change was associated with their pursuit of DETC accreditation.

    While papers are a great way of assessing graduate courses, faculty actually have to take the time to carefully read them. Up until this point CCU seems to have been most concerned about reducing the need for faculty involvement in their classes. The beauty of multiple choice exams is that they are scorable by machine or by untrained clerks with an answer key.

    So CCU needs to be willing to pay faculty to spend time working on the classes that CCU offers. I assume that DETC requires that, but I have no way of knowing the details.
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    I started my coursework with CCU way back in 1987 and did not complete my degree until September this year. Most of my courses required multiple choice and essay. The number of essay questions usually was from 3 to 15, depending upon whether I was completing a challenge exam or the regular study guide. Usually the essay questions required one-to-four pages to answer.

    So, I don't see any real changes that will take place other than the requirement of some proctored end of course tests.

    Hope that this helps.

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    I started my involvement with CCU in '85. Multiple choice tests and significant essays (indicating judgment and application of the theories learned) have been the basic testing methodology for twenty years. I don't think this model is going to change. The biggest change in my mind is the use of periodic proctored exams.

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