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    The two words left off the very end of their "philosophy" statement:
    • Carter University believes in the intrinsic human potential of learning. To unfold this potential an optimum-learning environment is necessary. We are dedicated to provide the conditions that can lead to such an environment through which students can use their full potential for intellectual, moral and social development. Moreover we believe in the education that can remove the global barriers to bring people together for the sake of world peace, mutual understanding and economic development...
    ...mostly ours.
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    The founder, Satyajit Roy, has an interesting email address:
    [email protected]

    Could he be associated with a major newspaper, or does that paper offer private email accounts?

    The address is given as:
    Pocket- B, 52- D, SFS Flates, Vikas puri ext\rt
    New Delhi 110018
    Delhi, IN

    I'd be interested in learning, from someone familiar with Indian addresses, what (if anything) this might tell us.
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    Yes, as a viral marketing tactic to help drive people to its site, India Times does, indeed, offer free email accounts.
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    Oh. I thought it was a parody--like Millard Fillmore. I mean, who would ever...

    A sure-fire way to tell that someone is a millist is to see if they "get" Fillmore.
    Or pretend not to.

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