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    hello, my name is Travis. As of right now i currently only have a high school diploma. I started at a major multi billion dollar company called Southern Piping Company about 7 months ago as a pipe fitters helper. There are many advances i could have in this company. There are pipe mechanics, project supervisors, project managers and so forth.. My question to anyone with help would be <i want to be a project manager for this company one day,the only thing is i dont want to be like the rest of the guys that are their for 20 and 30 years before given an opportunity, if you were in my shoes and wanted to make the maximum success out of this situation as far as getting a degree in project management what steps would you first take?? Keep in mind, my fiancee is in school currently to be a nurse and i love my job. i have to find a way to work with this company and also get ahead of the other competition as well.. thank you for your time an any help to get me started would be greatly appreciated...
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    I think you should talk to your HR department about this. They will have the information you need to see what is looked for when promoting from within, and it will show that you have a desire to advance in the company.

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