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    I have decided to do MA in Accounting and Finance via distance learning from Huddersfield university which will start in Sept. 2014 and end in April 2014. Based on my ACCA qualification I only have to do a dissertation for this degree. Previously I completed a BSc. (Applied Accounting) from Oxford Brookes with a First Class honours.

    Currently I only am able to apply as an accountancy teacher, so in order to broaden my skill set and apply as a finance teacher as well I will also be pursuing MSc in Finance from May or June 2014. After completing Huddersfield's MA in April 2014 I will start applying for accountancy teaching jobs and after MSc Finance I will be able to teach finance as well. Currently in my home country a Master degree is required to be a lecturer in a university.

    Then hopefully while being a lecturer I will earn enough to be able to pursue PhD.

    Now I want advice regarding which MSc Finance to pursue. I have searched a lot and will be searching a lot as well. Till now I have found four MSc Finance courses,all take about 2 years, that suit my requirement to study via distance learning:

    1) MSc Financial Management from Heriot-Watt university. I have to sit for 6 exams only with 3 papers being exempted due to ACCA and there is no dissertation in this degree.

    2) MSc Finance from University of Leicester.Here I have to take 9 modules from which 5 modules are to completed through assignments and 4 through exams. But this degree also requires a dissertation.

    3) MSc Finance from Centre for Financial and Management Studies at SOAS, University of London or MSc International Business Royal Holloway, University of London. Both are part of University of London International programmmes. Both involve a dissertation and about 9 exams.

    Can you please advice on which degree would be good to pursue. I think a degree with a dissertation would be good, although not sure. I will be very thankful for your advice

    Kind regards


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