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    Hi, I'm new to the board - thanks for organizing this great resource!

    Has anyone heard yet about Cardean's affiliation with New York Institute of Technology's Ellis College (a brick and mortar college with two campuses in NY)? This just became public last week and the first program begins in late January. I've been looking into it and it interests me because I value the additional credibility of a brick and mortar college, particulary one in the Northeast (I live in Boston).

    I've also looked into UMASS's program, but I can't bring myself to pay a higher tuition even though I live in state. Plus, because I didn't take any business courses as a ugrad, I'd have to do some of those first.

    Right now, my decision is basically between Baker College and Cardean/Ellis. Baker is about $10K less.

    Can anyone add anything which might sway me one way or another??? Or suggest other schools in the northeast which may fit the bill?

    Thanks so much!
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    I am a current UMass Online MBA student and I will agree with you that @ $600/credit the program is kind of pricey. Total cost $22k. I do not have an undegrad business degree, but UMass has a Foundations of Business class that is offered online that will fulfill all the requirements. Cost is $3,000 and lasts 6-weeks.

    Another program to consider is:
    University of North Alabama ...
    33 credits .. DVD based .. $300/credit .. just under $10k.

    I believe that you can find good programs in the $10k range, but I doubt you can find one AACSB accredited. If that is not important then the DVD format of UNA above looks interesting.

    Before you make a decison, ask the school about the level of interaction with other students, how are exams done etc?

    I know ColoStateUniv has a great ~15k MBA program, also DVD based, but they require you to take proctored exams at a local university etc. Their program was a cohort program.

    Good luck

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