Capitol technology university online doctorates in artificial intelligence and quantum computing

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    I found a university which offers online doctorates in artificial intelligence and quantum computing.
    Capitol technology is a private university which is regionally accredited and non-profit. They also do have a physical campus and STEM degrees that are campus-only, but for some reason, these doctoral programs are offered only online.
    There are not many universities which offer PhD's with specifically these two titles, although there are many where you would be able to study these subjects within another program like a PhD in computer science.
    This school's PhD's require master's degrees for admission, and the programs don't consist of anything other then the research part of the PhD.
    Does anybody have any thoughts about this school and degree?
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    I like Capitol's Ph.D. model. I considered them twice when I thought about leaving Liberty. If you haven't already attended on of their webinars? If not, you definitely should.
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    I really like the Capitol's Ph.D. model too; especially I am in IT for 2o years. The big turn off for me is high tuition and the school name. In my opinion, there would be no return on investment for me if I have to spend more than $50,000.00 on a Ph.D. from not a well-known school. The second part is "Capitol Technology University" which sounds too techie in the name. They should have chosen something likes Capitol Institute of Technology, Capitol Polytechnique University, or even Capitol University when changing the name from Capitol College. The reason I choose Liberty University for a Ph.D. in Public Administration because of the tuition discount for Military veterans for only $300.00 per credit. I could choose to do the dissertation in Cybersecurity Management in the Public sector. I once considered returning to Nova Southeastern University to continue where I left off, but I was told that I have to start all over again because the program had changed from Ph.D. in Information Assurance to Ph.D. in Cybersecurity Management along with curriculum and faculty.
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    These PhDs are very expensive. However, it is possible to get external funding for PhDs if you are pursuing a STEM PhD, because there are organizations funding research in them. This goes for a number of other online PhD's which are also very expensive.
    Does the school name matter as much if one is doing a PhD in a STEM subject and wants to use it outside of academia? I'm not sure, but I think that it would be matter differently for different subjects. For non-STEM fields it may matter more, but for STEM degrees, I would think that the importance is on the degree itself and the ability to do research which is valued outside of academia. Inside of academia it may matter more.

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