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Discussion in 'IT and Computer-Related Degrees' started by scubasteveiu, Sep 2, 2005.

  1. scubasteveiu

    scubasteveiu New Member

    From my NS-677 class tonight. Thought it would be good to share with everyone.

    "Hello Class, Prof. Ward told us last semester that the PhD program will probably be ready in two or three years with about 15 students to start. He said that he has been given the okay to get it up and running by the President of Capitol and he will have more on it later"

    I have Prof Ward in 8 weeks, I will report back at that point in time.

    Good stuff!
  2. JoAnnP38

    JoAnnP38 Member

    That's great (think Tony-the-Tiger) news Steve! Will this PhD be directed toward Information/System Security or something broader?
  3. scubasteveiu

    scubasteveiu New Member

    Hello JoAnn,
    I wish I had more information. I have heard it is somewhat of a continuation of my current program (MSNS).

    As I see it, this is good and bad… Good as the school is knee deep in infosec / IA teaching talent, bad b/c I am not sure a PhD in (insert security name here) is as universal as some of the other offered degrees. Please note this is all speculation on my part, at this juncture.

    Capitol is adding more writing requirements to the classes, this is a good thing. I see a small shift from the more applied / hands on / technical teaching to include more of a research based education at Capitol.

    I am also pretty sure the tuition will be more than reasonable (private, non-profit). My MSNS is going to run about $11,070.00, not bad.
  4. JoAnnP38

    JoAnnP38 Member

    Thanks Steve. Let us know if you hear anything new. It will be 4-5 years before I might consider a PhD program; however, I am very interested in this development.
  5. scubasteveiu

    scubasteveiu New Member

    I will keep the board posted.

    Do you have an interest in computer security?
  6. JoAnnP38

    JoAnnP38 Member

    I have a broad interest in all areas of Computer Science, so yes I have an interest in computer security. In fact I was recently selected as a trainer to relay new corporate policy concerning information security (i.e. End-User Data Protected Policy) so it would be pretty useful to have more information along those areas. However, I would doubt that I have enough interest to sustain myself through a PhD. My primary interest lies in the area of distributed systems followed closely by software engineering.

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