Capitol College Masters in Network Security

Discussion in 'IT and Computer-Related Degrees' started by marcuscarey, Jan 11, 2005.

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  2. marcuscarey

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    I have referred three friends to Capitol and they are loving it.
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    Good call.

    Have you started nova yet?

    Also, what concentration did you select? I think I want to do CIS (learning Java now, as it is required).
  4. marcuscarey

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    I'm trying for the CCIE Routing & Switching now. I should complete it hopefully by early next year. It's a bear. I plan on movement forward with the PHD fall 2006. Probably concentrating on a Network Communications or Network Security related PHD program at that time. The CCIE will set me up nice.
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    Congrats on the CISSP!

    So what do you think about the MSIA at Norwich vs. MSNS at Capitol? I'm thinking about the MSIA at Norwich...

    How long did it take you to finish with Capitol?

    Thanks in advance...

  6. marcuscarey

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    Re: Congrats!


    I just read info on Norwich's MSIA. I can't really compare without participating. If speed is desired the Capitol program can easily be finished within a year. Capitol uses Centra software for live over the Internet lectures with the professor and students. If you miss a class you can play it back because they record the entire lecture. Professors were mostly around the DC area with tons of government and military experience. I can personally tell you that the CISSP was much easier because of the Capitol experience. Good luck on your choice whichever it may be. You can't go wrong with Capitol.
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    Re: Congrats!


    I finished 9 out of 10 classes in calendar year. I took one class and stopped for like a year. Then decided I really needed it then went on to finish the rest. You can easily finish the Capitol program in a year because the offer 8 week courses for many of the classes. You can double up in a semester by taking 2-eight courses back-to-back to do four classes in one semester. Do that in fall, spring and take 2 in the summer and as they say in the U.K., "Bob's your uncle!". Even if you stretch it out a bit more, you can easily be done in 16 months.
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    Sounds great.

    The Norwich program has a 1 week graduation / meeting at the end of the program where they actually administer the CISSP test to the students in the program if they so choose.

    Norwich and Capitol are different though from what I have read.

    Norwich has 6 classes worth 6 credits, no electives
    Capitol College has you take more classes for less credits and they have electives for classes in security in many different subjects.

    So Norwich is locked into those same 6 classes, not saying you do not get out of it what you would at Capitol, they may cover the same material. Capitol just gives you more choices like a couple of wireless security classes, telecommunications security classes, etc. Norwich may include these subjects also though, I do not know.

    That week long trip / graduation / meetings sounds so cool at Norwich. Decisions Decisions....

    hey guys, if you cannot make the life lecture because of your work hours, do you get an absense or something? or does it not matter as long as you watch the lecture sometime. I probably could not may ANY lectures unless they start after 12am.

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