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    This is totally the opposite type of problem I would have expected to encounter, but I am having real trouble finding an on CAMPUS classes for my son. He started classes at the community college in high school in the digital forensics program - he did 12 credits, there were 2 online courses and 2 on campus. His online courses did not go well, he dropped one and took a C in the other. Both on-campus courses were A's.
    He signed up for 2 more, only offered online, dropped one of those too!
    He's in his first real semester (the same program now but as a hs graduate) and this semester was the same- 2 on-campus 2 online. A couple of days before the classes started one of his on-campus courses was put online (no alternatives) and here we go again. He's in week 5 and I'm really thinking he needs to drop.

    The problems are the same each time- the teacher has them read the chapter and do the lab. No email support, the students are all asking questions in the forum and the teacher doesn't reply. I've taken enough online classes to know this is a teacher issue- not a school issue, but this is the 3rd teacher that this has happened with. It's the bare minimum kind of thing- it's really DIY and he needs more. He loves the labs! He excels in the labs! He even impressed his computer teacher enough to pick him for a help desk internship that was only open to hs graduates (he was still in hs) and he did great.

    This is not an "online" program, so why are all the classes online? When I first looked at the schedule, about 1/2 were online and half on campus, but the reality is that I think they are moving them all online. The next CC over has the same thing, but with FEWER on campus than this one.

    I am just so caught up in the irony that as a community (myself included) were so desperate to have our schools expand their online offerings and to not identify them as "different" that here I am with my son - a decade later, and I can't find any on-campus classes for him - it's ALL online or nothing.

    P.S. We do have a local university, and that could be an option, but he'd have to go through the application process as a traditional freshman (blah blah blah) and probably take the SAT. I'm not sure we're there yet. Just venting. I can't get away from online classes for him! Ugh.
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    This is another example of how young people can struggle in online classes. You often have to be able to teach yourself.

    IT/CS courses are some of the easiest to teach online, and the IT industry is the most accepting of online education. The CC probably mostly has online sections because that's what their students are choosing. Chances are that many of their students aren't even local, so on-campus sections are cancelled due to low enrollment numbers.
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    It is hard for some areas to find IT faculty. This was an issue for the brick and mortar campus where I work, where we have had to have adjuncts to fill in for regular 16 week on campus IT courses, due to a lack of full time faculty to fill the courses.

    At the community college level, I understand a huge issue is the amount of pay that they pay IT faculty, at least here in NC, where the pay for a full time IT instructor at some community colleges can be as low as 40,000 usd a year to 55,000 usd a year. Most IT professionals can make far more than this.

    My suggestion would be to see if your son can ask for independent study, which would mean one on one but he would be able to have access to a faculty member in person.
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    Thanks, that's a great idea.

    Since posting, I've helped him apply to two other colleges as a visiting student. All local, and all should transfer easily between each other (I'm also in NC, and as you know, our transfer system is guaranteed) so I think it will all work out - just will require more planning on our end.

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