Calvin School of Theology / Trinity School of Theology & Apologetics

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  1. TomICAVols

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    Apparently these schools are in India. Anyone know anything about these schools? They're listed under a previous posting about "free" courses, though there is a registration fee.
  2. DesElms

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    Just a friendly reminder: By providing a link in posts like yours to the web sites of the entities about which you're inquiring, you make it easier for those who respond to quickly assess said sites and the entities which they describe without their having to go to Google to find them; and you ensure that the sites they visit will be the same ones you're talking about.
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    I seem to recall those words--just a friendly reminder--while receiving the last speeding ticket I earned...............:D
  4. RXI

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    Here it is. I was just looking at this a moment ago from another thread. Found it interesting. Several religious schools offer free or almost free courses as a kind of mission for their particular beliefs. This apperas to be one of them.

  5. RXI

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    The Calvin School of Theology is here...

    Both schools under the guidance of the Calvin Research Group.

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  6. BillDayson

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    There have been several threads about this. (Or these, since it operates under more than one name.) Its owner posted here for a while, trying to promote it. But since the search function is dead, good luck finding that old stuff.

    (I hate to see questions about the same schools come up time after time, with all the informative discussion generated in past iterations lost. I notice that people have started to recommend this one here on Degreeinfo recently.)

    It's run by some local church congregation in India. The accreditor that they boast seems to be operated by the same congregation, so the thing essentially accredits itself. My impression is that it's not a whole lot different than the countless non-accredited religious-exempt seminaries that operate here in the US.

    At the time that its owner was posting here, the doctoral syllabus that it offered was simply laughable. When detailed criticisms were made, their webpage was quickly redone and it started looking a bit more like a real seminary. If you think that they could have redesigned their entire graduate program essentially overnight, then you obviously don't have any problem believing in miracles.

    My opinion is that like most of the unaccredited church-basement "seminaries", the instruction that this one offers might conceivably be useful to somebody. But the academic degrees that it awards are most likely worthless.

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