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  1. Randy_Excelsior

    Randy_Excelsior New Member

    Looking for a cheap (or at least affordable) program to earn a multiple-subject teaching credential in California. I googled around for a bit, and found some decent options, but was hoping someone might have some good suggestions.

  2. Han

    Han New Member

    In northern or southern?

    In northern, there is - it allows you to work (and get paid) as you go. very nice!!

    There is cal teach and cal state teach. Both good, and online.
  3. Anthony Pina

    Anthony Pina Active Member

    La Sierra University in Riverside has a Master of Arts in Teaching program that allows you to complete the requirements for the California Professonal clear teaching credential (including student teaching) and a masters degree at the same time. The program is available completely online, but, since it is a private university, tuition is higher than, say, a Cal State.

    Tony Pina
  4. Think about high school

    I recently secured my first teaching position and discovered while I was looking the need for multiple subject teachers is zero in Southern California. The main reason is students are now older and the Bush Administration NCLB demands specific subject matter compentency, effectively locking out multiple subject teachers from middle school jobs. Although the credential is K-8, the opportunity to move past 6th grade is very limited. If there is a subject you have many units in, I suggest you try a Single Subject credential. The greatest need is math, science and special education. If you have any domestic skills, you may want to take the CSET exam for Home Economics. I looked over the test and it seemed very easy. Since there are very few people specializing in this area, it is often difficult for schools to find teachers in this area. If you have the patience to teach 12 and 13-year-olds how to cook and do basic sewing, this may be a good area for you.

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