California State University Online Degree Programs

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    Here's a list, including programs from all 23 campuses. They range from bachelors degrees in various fields, through many masters programs, to a couple of doctoral programs (Education and Nursing).

    (Many of these programs aren't new, but now it's all gathered in one place.)
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    Good find.
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    You're right. I missed that. (I wonder if any other programs aren't included.)

    Speaking of CSUDH, I notice that while their MA in Humanities (I'm one of its graduates) is apparently teaching out its existing students prior to closing, CSU Northridge has recently rolled out a similar MA in Humanities.

    It's much more expensive. $755/unit, or almost $25K for the whole MA. (I only paid $4,500 total for my CSUDH HUX MA! Frankly I wouldn't have enrolled if it cost me $25K.)
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