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    Hello. I'm new to this board. Does anyone have any experience/opinions conerning California Pacific University's MBA program? I note that its been in business for over 24 yrs and "approved" by the Bureau in CA. an unaccredited degree illegal in some states? I'm a Canadian & not entirely well-versed concerning the US post-secondary system. Any info would be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks
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    Hey there, fellow Canuck!

    My word of advice to you is that there are only a very, very, very small number of situations where pursuing an unaccredited American degree of any sort would be worth it. (For some small value of "worth.") It would be impossible for me to say to Party X, "These are the very, very, very few circumstances where it is worth it" because Party X is, by definition, an "Unknown Quantity." In fact, I may even go so far to say that, in a population of 26 million or so Canadians, there may be only one or two in that population for whom that choice is really of any worth.

    There are, on the other hand, a very, very, very large number of situations where pursuing a regionally accredited American degree would be worth it. (For some predictable value of "worth.")

    Quinn (a Canuck who holds three unaccredited American degrees)
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    California Pacific is one of the more reputable unaccredited schools. But Mr. Jackson's advice is sound. There are more than 200 distance MBAs that would have general acceptance in Canada and worldwide; California Pacific is not one.

    I am glad to see that my publisher still has the "Eleven Vital Factors in Choosing an MBA" chapter available for free on their web site.

    John Bear
    Co-author, Bears' Guide to the
    Best MBAs by Distance Learning
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    Thank you.


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