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Discussion in 'Nursing and medical-related degrees' started by chalk5, May 3, 2014.

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    Hello Everyone.

    Pretty new to the forum here. I was wondering if any of you know community colleges in California that offer Pre-Med classes online. Mainly looking for Biology, Physics, and Chemistry both Organic and General.

    Thank you all for your help!
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    This is a little late but I believe someone should be willing to give you some insight. California CC's are one of the best bargains in education. Unfortunately, there are very few, if any, courses that would qualify for pre-med offered online at the CC's. Maybe neuroscience or anatomy and physiology. Only because they may not require a lab.

    That is the sticking point, the lab courses. While you can find biology, chem and physics online they will mostly be the lower series introductory courses and will not transfer. What pre-med and engineering want to see are the courses you just won't find yet online.

    The key is to determine what the school you want to transfer to will accept. If they will take the course that's all that matters.

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