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    CCHS has traditionally been a reasonably well accepted DETC approved program offering mostly courses in business, manament, health services, wellness and respiritory care. My wife has recently been considering them as a degree option. Today we received an interesting letter from them. They advised they had new owners. They reported that these new owners also owned schools in 9 other locations and included Stevens-Henager in Utah and CollegeAmerica in Colorado and Arizona. They also advised that they expect to have doctoral programs in the near future and add programs in nursing, pharmacology, radiology, dietetics, physical therapy, and psychology. I am curious if anyone else has heard about these changes. I am also curious if they are doing this under DETC or pursuing some other accreditation. Any thoughts?
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    Jimmy brought this up somewhat recently. The tuition at Stevens-Henager and CollegeAmerica (whom have near identical websites) is not exactly competitive (~$40,000 bachelor degree.) I can only surmise what this will do to CCHS fomerly reasonable tuition. Will they go for RA, seems to be the implied question? I don't know, but here are some reasons I think it unlikely. First, Stevens-Henager recently changed their accreditation from ACICS to ACCSCT. Second, they seem to have no problems attracting students, and are growing at a phenomenal rate in the city I live in. My best guess is that CCHS will stay with DETC (maybe by doctorate, they mean professional doctorate), and the tuition will rise steadily.


    I would also like to hear more information if anyone has it.
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    I just started my MS program at CCHS. I also received the letter about the change. If I pay in full by Jan. 1, I will be locked in to the $133/unit tuition. Financing through their loan program is a whopping 10%. However, if I pay in full through my own means (I have a 3.9% Capital One) I will get 10% off my tuition. The representative from CCHS told me that tuition will go up to $400/credit, which is pretty steep compared to the current rate.

    CCHS plans to add more courses and a PhD program.

    My complaint with CCHS is that they are slow to answer questions and I waited nearly an hour on hold both times that I called recently. I don't think they have worked out all of the bugs of the transition yet.
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    What do you mean by professional doctorate?

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