California Coast University?

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    Anyone here a current student? I graduated from the school in 2007 and loved my program there. I'm considering enrolling in a Masters program there for a few reasons, the most crucial one being that I cannot attend a school that requires that courses be completed in 8-12 weeks. My life just doesn't make that a possibility.

    I remember when I was a student there (Abner and a few other posters from these parts were also students there at around the same time) their name came up every so often but it's been a few years since I've heard anything about them.

    They have a program in which a student that obtained a bachelors there will get 10% off their tuition if they enroll in a Masters program. I have sent multiple emails inquiring about this and have received no response.

    Has the school gone downhill?
  2. Abner

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    Hey Ann,

    I should have an internal email for a contact at home. I will get to you after 5pm today.

    Nice to hear from you again!

    Abner :smile:
  3. Abner

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    Hi Ann,

    Please contact Natasha Franklin at:

    [email protected]

    Mention my name.

    Have a good one!

    Abner :smile:
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    I doubt they've gone downhill. If anything, they're getting pressured by competitors in their market (like AJU), negative media publicity regarding for-profit schools, and more general awareness about national accreditation versus regional accreditation.

    Also bear in mind that most online schools do not have many employees working in their enrollment departments, so any time they announce any promotion they may end up instantly swamped. This is especially an issue given the current economy and the need for many people to up their education levels.

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