California Coast U partners with Grand Canyon University

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  1. gbrogan

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    I got this email yesterday. Just sharing it here..

    As a graduate of California Coast University, you are eligible for a 10% tuition discount* for master's programs. To learn more about this discount and which program is right for you, contact [person]

    Why GCU?
    Regional Accreditation: GCU is regionally accredited through the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.
    Convenience: Complete courses online, at times and places that are convenient for you.
    Earlier Graduation: Our 4-credit courses allow you to complete your degree program in less time.
    Transfer Friendly: We will request your transcripts, evaluate your graduate coursework and determine your anticipated graduation date within 24 hours. No GRE or entrance exams are required.
    Financial Options: Take advantage of numerous financing options including scholarships for academic achievement.

    About GCU

    Grand Canyon University was founded in 1949, and is a regionally accredited, private Christian university, recognized as offering some of the best online education programs in the nation by noteworthy sources including Fortune Small Business,, and more.

    Located in Phoenix, Arizona, GCU offers a variety of programs, including undergraduate, graduate and non-degree programs. Students can elect to take courses online or through our evening classes, which meet just once a week at the Phoenix campus and other satellite locations throughout Arizona.
  2. PuppyMama

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    It is interesting that you bring this up because not long ago, I had questions about Grand Canyon University. I am from Arizona so I am aware that they are a B&M school with online programs, have regional accreditation, are for-profit and are a religiously-based school. I guess I never paid much attention to them though - what is their reputation? How would you say that they compare to the University of Phoenix (UoP of course representing the bottom of the barrel as far as reputations are concerned)??

    I read some reviews online from disgruntled students and it sounds like there are some issues with the school being greedy with students' financial aid dollars. Do you know anything about this school? Does anyone here?

    I would like to earn a Ph.D. one day. I have my BA and MA from B&M public universities but now that I've entered my early thirties, life is changing and if I do continue my education, it will have to be online. In a perfect world, I'd like to earn a Ph.D. in Sociology online from a public university. Hilarious, since none exist. :(

    Anyway, any feedback regarding GCU that anyone may have would be great to hear!
  3. NMTTD

    NMTTD Active Member

    I live in Phoenix, and while ASU has a MUCH larger presence, GCU is still fairly well known. Mostly if you go to the general area they are located. lol They do not have the reputation that ASU does here, but they are WAY better than UoP, WIU, and many others. They have a HUGE, beautiful campus, their mascot is the antelope (if you hear anyone saying "Lopes Up!" it's because of GCU), and while they are a Christian school they are NOT as heavy handed with it as Liberty. They have some great programs and are usually regarded rather well, although they have been having some issues with their financial aid as of late (seems most for-profits have). All in all, on a scale of 1 to 10, I give them about a 7 1/2 to 8. They aren't the BEST, but one could certainly do A LOT worse.
  4. scaredrain

    scaredrain Member

    I earned my Masters of Education degree from GCU in 2007. I did not have any of the bad experiences that you mentioned. Financial aid rules have changed tremendously and there are increased limits and time frames that have to be met, so a student should make themselves aware of such changes. I do have a colleague who is in the Ph.D program in psychology and he has nothing but positive things to say also about GCU.
  5. Ed Edwards

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    Seems like more of a marketing ploy than a 'partnership'
  6. FJD

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    I'm in GCU's I/O psychology PhD program. I'm pretty early in the coursework (12 credits in), but so far I'm happy. I like the program structure and pace: you can complete 5 academic years of study in about 3.5 years by taking one course every 8 weeks year-round, with a 2 week break around Christmas. My program has optional residencies, but I'm not likely to attend. Residencies are mandatory in GCU's other doctoral programs. Most important to me is that the school seems genuinely interested in training researchers, and providing the tools and support to help its students through.
  7. PuppyMama

    PuppyMama New Member


    Are you an ASU graduate? I am!! I loved ASU! Thank you for the feedback. I do not know why I never really paid attention to GCU. I guess I was just too busy.
  8. PuppyMama

    PuppyMama New Member


    Just to clarify, you do NOT have to attend campus AT ALL? Is this the Ph.D. in general psych with the emphasis in organizational/industrial psych? I am not interested in clinical psych - I personally would love to earn a PhD in Sociology but psych is a close second for me. I love research... maybe this is something I need to explore.

    Have you noticed any financial aid issues (the school holding your refunds, enrolling you in classes and charging you for them when they weren't supposed to, etc)? Have you heard any word about the school intentionally extending the dissertation process to eat up all of your financial aid? How about your dissertation defense... I imagine you need to be on campus for that, right? Or do you defend via web conference or something like that? If I ask them questions, are they going to call me 24/7 and beat down my door until I register?

    Sorry for all of the questions!!
  9. Michelle

    Michelle Member

    It sounds like you made the mistake of contacting Liberty, too! I could not believe the constant number of recorded phone calls I received after contacting them. I completely lost interest in their programs because of their aggressive marketing, and it took quite a lot of work to get them to stop harassing me. I hope no other university is following their example.

    As far as Grand Canyon, my brother is one year into their I/O Psychology Ph.D. program and loves it. Well, he doesn't love the way a new class begins immediately when the last one ends, but other than that he likes it. He told me that the dissertation work is woven into the other classes so that it can be completed when the course work is finished. He has also said that the classes were challenging yet manageable, which was important to him because he was disappointed by the low standards he noticed at a different university he had enrolled in before switching to Grand Canyon. The only problem he has mentioned about financial aid is that the timing of the refunds can be unpredictable, with some refunds coming WELL into a course instead of at the beginning. This has been more of an annoyance than a catastrophe though because all of the books are included with each class.
  10. FJD

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    The psychology PhD has optional residencies, so no on-campus attendance is required. The EdD and the DBA have mandatory on-campus requirements, however. I believe the defense is also remote, but I would guess an on-campus defense could be arranged. The program has four specializations currently; mine is I/O.

    I've had no financial aid problems. As Michelle states, the only issue is that refunds are a bit slow, due to the fact that the school does not yet use direct deposit for some reason. You won't be enrolled in any courses without your ok. You take courses one at a time in a lock-step fashion (as they are listed on the website), but you're notified as a new one approaches. The system asks whether you wish to proceed and if not it directs you to contact your advisor.

    If you just put in an online inquiry, you will be called quite a bit and this will get annoying real quick. If you want to send me a PM, I can put you in touch with the person who helped me get enrolled. She knows her stuff, and this will cut down on the annoyance.

    I hope this helps!
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  11. PuppyMama

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    FJD (and Michelle),

    I really appreciate your feedback. I think my greatest hesitation when it comes to the for-profits has been (aside from poor reputation in the workplace) the financial aid issues, but you have put my mind to rest so thank you very much! It sounds like I may have actually found a workable PhD scenario thanks to the two of you. I am going to chat with my husband about this, since of course, taking more debt upon myself means also tying him to it, so I am going to make sure he is comfortable with everything. FJD if we decide this is the right route for us, I will PM you and ask for your contact information.

    Again, thank you, thank you. I am so glad I stumbled upon this website. What a great group of people!
  12. gbrogan

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    Whatever you think it is, that's fine for you.

    Why quote me as if I'm part of this supposed "marketing ploy"? As an alum, I got the email from the school and posted it here as an FYI. I couldn't care less what anyone here thinks of or does with this information.
  13. SteveFoerster

    SteveFoerster Resident Gadfly Staff Member

    He didn't say you were involved at that level at all. He simply responded to the information you passed on with his opinion of it. That's why this forum is here.

    (And personally, I think that a well executed marketing ploy is a perfectly good partnership. But that's neither here nor there.)
  14. gbrogan

    gbrogan Member

    That's fine but he should have quoted the part that indicated that there was a partnership before giving his opinion on it. He posted my mention of getting an email. I know what the forum is for. I've been here a while.
  15. NMTTD

    NMTTD Active Member

    I'm graduating this year. I have absolutely loved my time here at ASU. Nice to meet a fellow Sun Devil :)
  16. PuppyMama

    PuppyMama New Member

    Oh look; there it is in your signature! Oops, sorry! ;-)

    It is nice to meet you as well!
  17. Ed Edwards

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    Yet you did post so its a little surprising to go after someone who then renders an opinion on what you posted. This is a 'discussion' board, not a 'post and receive accolades' board. I should know I think I have been personally attacked for just about every post I have made!!

    Okay, that's cool, but welcome to the internet and good luck because this is apparently a rough neighborhood. :AR15firing:
  18. Ed Edwards

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    You have been grievanced! Where is the justice! How dare he have an opinion that is different than mine! What is this interweb thing and who censors it!

    Dude/Dudet, mountain molehill. I commented on your post, you are proclimating against me personally. If you disagree that this is a marketing ploy then defend it and lets have a respectful debate.


    PS - all grammatical license on purpousity!

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