But it's a dry heat . . .

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    Oh wow! That's definitely warm. Even in a tropical city, you won't get that high temperature. Global warming is really a serious threat. And I think that it's becoming more and more aggressive as time goes by.
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    Yes, it HAS been a very hot summer so far but in the last few weeks, the North American Monsoon arrived and cooled things off a bit. An AWFUL lot of rain is some areas; parts of Santa Fe received something like five inches in a single day. We are experiencing isolated flooding events that are doing considerable damage. Down here in Las Cruces, total precip is just a bit below "normal" for this point in the year, whatever that may mean.
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    Here in the SF bay area, temperatures seem to me to be a little below average for this time of year. It's warm and sunny, but no notable heat waves. Maybe that's because it's hot inland in the Valley so there's 'on-shore flow' of cool air off the ocean.

    Rainfall during the last rainy season (winter) was well below longer-term average though. So maybe our recent extreme drought is returning.

    As for Phoenix and Vegas, 110-120 degree heat (F) isn't unusual in the summer. Neither city grew into the multi-million person metropolises that they now are until air conditioning was invented.

    As for power usage, air conditioning does suck up lots of juice. There haven't been any energy saving announcements on TV around where I live (at least not any that I've paid any attention to.) So the 'California urges power conservation' part of this might be specific to LA.
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    New Mexico update. Most of the State is still in drought at one level or another but rainfall is now above normal.

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