Business Math DSST vs. Petersons practice test

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    Quick question for anyone who may be able to answer... I'd like to take the Business Math DSST as an elective, but am apprehensive about doing it based on the 0% pass rate since it was refreshed last year. The question I have is this; how close is the actual test to the Peterson's practice test??? I've scored a 70 and 72% on the two practice tests I've done, which makes me think that I'll do fine on the actual tests since I've always thought that Peterson's tests tend to be tougher than the actual tests.

    Anyway, anyone have any experience they could share?
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    I continue to be amazed at the number of people who are referring to this "pass rate". Any rates that I have seen are strictly numbers reflecting MILITARY candidates, not civilians. Military candidates used to be able to take as many CLEP & DSST exams for free as they wanted, just waiting the 6 months between attempts. Military members didn't worry about studying. They just wanted to see if they could pass, but if not, there was no reason to be concerned as they could make another attempt (on the military's dime) down the road. But DANTES made a change where they now only cover the cost of the first attempt. If the military candidate doesn't pass and needs to retake the exam, they have to pay for it (not DANTES). I believe this will gradually be reflected in the military pass rates as the military candidates will probably spend more time actually prepping for the exam they signed up to take!

    Anyway, please don't think that 0% of people who have taken this exam have pass/failed. That is not accurate at all!

    Sorry I don't have any tester experience to share, just that of a test proctor.

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