Bush Administration Attacks a Gay Cartoon

Discussion in 'Political Discussions' started by bo79, Jan 28, 2005.

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    First, you link is not working.

    Second, I saw this story on television. It's not homosexuality that's the issue it's promoting it.

    Third, form the same core web site you provided, comes this article.


    Let's be fair and balanced, okay?
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    The link worked fine for me.

    The fact that a political party contradictes itself is nothing new.
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    C'mon Jimmy. You write, "It's not homosexuality that's the issue it's promoting it." What exactly does this mean? Homosexuality is fine as long as no one talks about it, or as long as lesbian couples are never shown on television?

    Fact: lesbian couples exist. Showing real life couples on television is not "promoting it", whatever that means exactly.

    This kind of fear/ignorance reminds me of when I used to visit my grandparents in TN during the 60's. When the locals asked where we were from (Berkeley) they nearly choked. Many had the real fear that if one visited Berzerkeley (or Kooksville as many called it back there) that you would be forced to take LSD. Just by walking down the street, one might be mugged, dragged into an alley, and then force fed LSD. It's the same thing with the "gay issue." By showing gay cartoon characters we will turn our kids into gays.

    Ignorance. No other word for it.

    Jimmy, if gay cartoon characters make you feel as if "gayness" is being promoted, then you are thinking and worrying WAY too much about it. Why do you think that is? ;)
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    Homosexuality is reality, and it is the children’s right to be properly informed and educated about it. It is also homosexual families human right to be represented in the educational curriculum, just as much as heterosexual families are. So yeah like you said “Lets keep it fair and balanced”.
  6. BLD

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    Group sex, polygamy, beastiality, and pedophilia are all realities too. Should we also teach those to our children? Just because abnormal behavior exists in our society doesn't mean those who engage in those behaviors have a "right" to expose their perversion to our children.

    The bottom line is, my kid is six years old. He doesn't know, nor does he care, about sex of any kind. Why do we have to shove this stuff down their throats? Can't they be kids for awhile?

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    Whoa. In a rare instance, I agree with BLD! I agree that these things all do exist, and I'm fine with that. If people want to be gay, have group sex, have more than 1 wife (I'm not really supportive of bestiality or pedophilia of course) then I'm fine with that. As long as the two (or three or more) participants are willing, and of an adult mindset, then fine, do what you want. Leave kids and the dog alone.

    However, there is no reason that this stuff should be shoved down children's throats. Kids should be kids, and be allowed to have a childhood. They should be educated about homosexuality as they grow up, and it should be explained to them by their parents, not a TV show, or on the internet.

    I may not use BLD's word "abnormal" to describe the activities he described (bestiality and pedophilia excluded), I understand his point.
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    You are comparing apples to oranges. It never fails to amaze me how ignorant some Christian groups can be by comparing homosexuals to pedophiles, when in reality majority of the pedophiles out there are actually heterosexual.

    Gay children are usually very confused when growing up, so I think it is very important for them to have this education in school my so that they do understand what’s going on to them. Also it is very important that the person teaching this subject, dose it in a very non judgmental fashion. I went to a catholic school were we had a priest teach us sex-ed. I remember when we got to the subject of homosexuality, he lesson basically was its evil and if you engage in it you’ll burn in hell. Looking back I can’t believe how irresponsible he was.

    I agree with you that teaching a child about things such as sexual orientation at the age of 6 is too early. However if your 6 year old was ever the victim of a pedophile, would you not want them to be properly informed about the subject, so that they will know what to do and how to get help?
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    I suggest that if you haven't seen the cartoon in question, watch it. If you don't feel stupid about this whole thing after seeing it, I'll be surprised.

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