Busa, Muhilly and Weston Reserve

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    Just looked around a little starting at www.childrensembassy.org.mk, a site of a non-existant childrens republic "Medjashi". On the honorary ambassador site, there is a who is who in diploma mill operating, including Francis Dessart (Adam Smith International, anstead) and Viktor Busa (TMT, American University of Suriname, Claremont) along with a couple other familiar names.

    Busa has joined long time fellow Dennis Muhilly now in Weston Reserve University which also features other cons from all over the place.

    Is Weston Reserve a "I send money today and receive my diploma 5 days later" outfit or does it require any minimal work? Both cases it's a mill, no doubt about that...

    By the way, eqac.org features egbert phipps of weston reserve along with richard hoyer of liberian accreidation fame. this again links back to adam smith claiming liberian and st.regis accredidation. Is this all one big industry?
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