BSBA in IT - What approach to take?

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    Hi all,

    Firstly, I want to thank everyone for their contributions on the site...I have read many threads and especially the "how to start" a few times :)

    Thank you for your time and effort.

    In light of my research, I have a few questions and I need some advice.

    I need to get my BSBA in Computer Science, in the next 24 months...before 2020 family and my livelihood depend on no pressure :)

    I have been in the IT field for over 20years, so I have done support, development, project management, and application management (in a nutshell) ( I also have several industry certifications - N+, Server+, Linux+, Security+ from 2004-2006 :)

    Ok, this is what I have (it looks like TESU) will be my college of choice, I have a spreadsheet slightly modified based on TESU requirements for the BSBA in Computer Information Systems.

    A few questions:
    1. Should I register @ TESU while I am doing the courses below or should I wait until I have about 20 - 30? I read that there were 2 opinions on this.
    2. There are a few courses that I am not sure are still available, if anyone has any update that would be great.
    3. Do the course list look complete?

    Below is my outline (I couldn't upload it).
    TESC Need Where

    GENERAL EDUCATION (60 units)

    A. Intellectual and Practical Skills (15 units)

    ENC-101/102 WRITTEN COMM - English Composition I/II 6 SL
    COM-209 ORAL COMM - Public Speaking 3 SL
    REL-405 INFO LITERACY - World Religions 3 SL

    B. Civic & Global Learning (9 units)
    SOC-101 DIVERSITY - Sociology 3 SL
    PHI-379 ETHICS - Insurance Ethics 2 The Institues
    POS-110 CIVIC ENGAGEMENT - American Government 3 SL

    C. Knowledge of Human Cultures (9 units)
    POS- Intro to Western Political Thought 3 Saylor
    POS- Intro to Comparative Politics 3 Saylor
    POS- Intro to Psychology (change to 3 credit SL course) 2 Saylor
    POS- Intro to Sociology (change to 3 credit SL course 1 Saylor

    D. Understanding the Physical & Natural World (4-7 units)
    Intro to Biology 3 Saylor
    COS-101 Intro to Computer Science (Java) 3 Saylor

    E. Mathematics (6 units)
    MAT-115 Intermediate Algebra 3 ALEKS
    STA-211 Statistics 3 ALEKS

    General Education Electives (14-17 units)
    Cornerstone 1 TESU
    PLA-101 Kaplan PLA 1 Kaplan
    PLA-102 Kaplan PLA 2 Kaplan
    General Chemistry I 3 Saylor
    Intro to Mechanics 3 Saylor
    Intro to Electro Magnetism 3 Saylor
    Environmental Ethics 3 Saylor

    SUBTOTAL 60 60

    ACC-101 Financial Accounting 3 Saylor
    ACC-102 Managerial Accounting 3 SL
    LAW-201 Business Law 3 Saylor
    CIS-101 Intro to Computers Science (C++) 3 SL
    FIN-301 Principles of Finance UL 3 Penn Foster
    MAN-301 Principles of Management UL 3 Saylor
    MAR-301 Principles of Marketing UL 3 Saylor
    MAN-371 Intro to International Business/Business in Society 3 Penn Foster
    ECO-111 Macroeconomics 3 Saylor
    ECO-112 Microeconomics 3 SL
    COM-300 Business/Managerial Communications 3 SL
    BUS-421 Strategic Management UL 3 Penn Foster

    AREA OF STUDY: Computer Information Systems (18 units)
    Programming Language 3
    Systems Analysis and Design 3
    CS401 Operating Systems 3 Saylor
    CS402: Computer Communications and Networks
    Networking Principles (LAN/WAN/Internet) / Network Architectures 3 Saylor
    CS403 Database Management 3 Saylor
    Computer Management 3 CLEP?

    FREE ELECTIVES (6 units)
    CAP-295 Cybersecurity for Everyone 2 TEEX
    CAP-385 Cybersecurity for Business Professionals 2 TEEX
    CIS-244 Cybersecurity for IT Professionals 2 TEEX

    SUBTOTAL 60 60

    GRAND TOTAL 120 120

    I look forward to hearing your expert opinions.

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    @decimon nothing that is listed here. Thanks for the url I will check the rest and maybe use a clep or dsst replacement?
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    Paging doesn't work in this forum.

    Some better respondents will probably weigh in once they've sobered up. I'm just trying to lay some groundwork. They will likely want to know what courses you have in the bank.
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    LOL, you’re using a very old template I created using the cheapest resources at the time - last year, it is severely outdated as 3 providers no longer offer credit for their courses listed.

    Your best bet is to read my Sticky thread, Beginners Guide and download the newest templates I have for TESU. There are 5 templates, you only need the BSBA GM and the BSBA CIS on my Dropbox.

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