BS in Psychology - U Cumberlands (and their Masters in Counseling)

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    I was enrolled in UC's Masters in Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling but had to drop out in order to pursue a 2nd undergrad - this time in Psychology ( long story - suffice it to say that the organization I want to work with will only cover Psychologists who provide counseling, but not licensed counselors and as such I had to switch gears; that coupled with the fact that the Board of Examiners for Psychologists who make the rules about who can be a Psychologist and who can't in my province does not, in any way shape or form, accept a distance learning degree even though all classes are synchronous.. ).

    My experience for the few Masters classes I took at UC was outstanding - after having completed my first undergrad and Masters through online learning, and having taken courses at other Universities via online learning, I can't say enough about UC. In fact, I enrolled in their BS in Psychology - an easy move and I'll end up with a degree from a great University.

    The cost at UC is also -very- reasonable: $597/course. Yes, that's for 3 credit hours; $199/crhr. It is one of the most affordable I have found. So, if you're looking for a Psyc undergrad, you likely won't find one cheaper.

    If you're looking for a Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling - you would be remiss if you did not check out UC. Their Masters is ACA accredited and, as a bonus, you can earn a 2nd Masters in Addictions Counseling by completing four extra courses (+practicum/internship). Definitely too good to pass up.

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