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  1. gwe

    gwe New Member

    I am in the process of applying for BCS student membership. I will be studying from home given that there are no BCS course providers in my country(Cameroon , Africa). I will deeply appreciate useful information

    Best Regards
    Gwe N A
    Bsc. Physics
  2. engadnan

    engadnan Member


    Do let me inform, that how much time they take to make your membership active. I strongly advise you to take course from a BCS course provider, as BCS exams are very professional.
  3. gwe

    gwe New Member

    Hello engadnan

    Many thanks for that piece of advice. But Like I indicated earlier,back here in my country, there is yet to be a BCS course provider. Concerning the registration process, the problem I have is with my bank which apparently has not been able to effect a bank transfer i requested for a forth night ago. Besides, my bank doesnt issue credit cards which would have been a little faster. In the meantime, all i have is a reference number with BCS, no student membership benefits yet.
    Once more thanks for keeping in touch and hope to talk to you soon
  4. engadnan

    engadnan Member

    Wow. Credit Card is a big factor. This i can understand better as i belong to also a developing country, so sometimes even need to run for people's help. :mad:

    Secondly, what approach you are making for the exams preparation ?

    BCS as i know has some recommended text books, but may be they are all not available in Cameroon.
  5. Ian Anderson

    Ian Anderson Active Member

    Is it possible for you to open a Paypal account? Paypal can be used sometimes for international transfer of funds.
  6. gwe

    gwe New Member

    For now I am preoccupied with student membership registration and besides I dont have any of the recommended text yet. I just received confirmation from my bank that my student membership charges have been sent to BCS. For now I am waiting for my account to be activated and consequently my study package will be sent to me. As soon as I get this package I will think of how to proceed then. Maybe you could hint on how to approach.
    best regards
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  7. gwe

    gwe New Member


    Paypal would have been perfect, unfortunately its not available in my country. The only option I have got now is Bank transfer.
  8. dontexe

    dontexe New Member

    Hi Gwe,

    I'm based in Nigeria and I'll writing the certificate stage in October. Let's see ow we can help each other out cos I have some materials.
  9. egbolawrenceandyou

    egbolawrenceandyou New Member

    Hello Dontexe, where in Nigeria are you? am equally studying for the Bcs examination and need guardians.
  10. Kizmet

    Kizmet Moderator

    Dontexe's post was made over 4 years ago. It's unlikely he's still around. Best of luck with your exam.
  11. Aleck Mutiba

    Aleck Mutiba New Member


    I am also considering studying BCS HEQ courses from home. Has anyone really gone through this and how was the experience?
  12. yupstrips

    yupstrips New Member

    Hi,BCS Higher Education Qualifications will give you the skills and knowledge you need to succeed, and a pathway to Chartered status, the global benchmark for IT excellence. Flexible and affordable study options to suit your budget and chosen career path in IT.

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