Bridge TEFL - International Diploma in English Language Teaching TESOL ($1,000) + 9 ACE credits

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    This international diploma is available for $1k. It will give you 9 graduate level ACE credits too!
    I think this type of credential can be helpful if you want to travel abroad and work there.
  2. nomaduser

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    This one is a diploma, not a certificate!

    Certificate < Diploma < Associate's Degree < Bachelor's Degree
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  3. innen_oda

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    UP TO 9, but could only be 3, according to the link. Not sure if TESU allows for transferring in grad credits, but even if they do, I'd bet it'll be like how they handle the Google IT Support certificate for undergrads - they'll give only the minimum amount of credits.

    Many universities in the UK and Australia will give credit for a CELTA to students undertaking a Master of TESOL. This looks like a good US alternative to this (as the CELTA doesn't have the same recognition outside of Europe and Australia).
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