Breyer State Licensed By Alabama.... AGAIN!

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    Multi-function university

    That Alabama License for Breyer State gives this address:

    2100 Southbridge Parkway
    Suite 650
    Birmingham, Alabama 35209

    Let's see where else we can find that address on the web:

    Trim All Equipment Company
    Miko Telephone Communications, Inc.
    Wachovia Securities Financial Network

    Need your hedges trimmed? Call Breyer State! Can't call them because you don't have a phone? Suite 650 can fix that for you! Don't have enough cash for a degree? Suite 650 can help you invest what little you have!

    So, look, why not? If the head of a Homeland Security College earns his living installing burglar alarms, why shouldn't the university administration do lawncare to earn some pocket change?

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