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    Hi Carguyrod,

    I am active in the substance abuse counseling profession and I would be happy to discuss the California credentialing milieu with you in detail... This is a life saving profession so I'm happy to meet another "lifeguard" who is not afraid to swim out to rescue someone is drowning from their addictions, so to speak.

    If you want to go for the NAADAC Master Addictions Counseling credential, have a look at the addictions counseling degrees at Aspen University:

    School of Health Professions and Studies - Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Addiction Counseling

    Let me know if you want to chat,

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    Some of their certification programs (RAS, MAC, etc) are accredited by NOCA, not their educational programs. NOCA does not provide accreditation to educational programs.
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    I would never obtain a degree from the Breining Institute. I do not find any of their programs- education or certification- to be reputable and in reality, would never hire someone with a degree from there or certification from only them.

    If you want to get into substance abuse counseling, I would urge you to:
    Obtain a bachelors in psychology, counseling, or social work. Take as many counseling, substance abuse classes (you may want to look in all three departments, as well as health and health promotion departments for substance abuse courses). With this, you can practice as an unlicensed counselor and you can obtain certification through many states in substance abuse counseling. Some community colleges offers degrees in chemical dependency counselor, psychology, social work, or human services/sciences, in which I would urge you to do. This will decrease the cost of your bachelors, and you may be able to find employment while completing your bachelors.
    Complete your masters in Mental Health Counseling. Complete your internships and practia in a substance abuse related area. But, be sure to obtain extensive experience in mental health as well. Do not just limit yourself to substance abuse experience or training.
    Find employment in a substance abuse area, in which you will also be able to work with mental health.
    Complete your required supervision.
    I would urge you to seek out certification from the NBCC- both the National Certified Counselor (which is a pre-reg) and the Master Addiction Counselor.

    Please note that I HIGHLY doubt any school would accept courses from Breining.

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