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  1. nursecin

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    Do any of you have any information about the
    quality of this school? I am interested in applying
    but wonder about the graduate school/Master
  2. StevenKing

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    Follow up


    Looking at the school's website, a few questions spring to mind (particularly since I am a nurse in the Army)...

    1) Will the lack of regional accreditation hurt you in your present career or hurt your chances of advancing?

    2) More specifically, are you a mental health nurse and desire this degree for personal enrichment?

    It seems that Breining Institute is only entertaining a niche crowd. If it's accepted by the niche crowd and that's all you plan to do with it, it'll probably work for you.

    Otherwise, if you have a regionnally accredited alternative - then you you would always be better off going that route. Have you checked with the colleges such as Excelsior or Thomas Edison State College to see if you could customize a degree plan that will meet your needs?

    Steven King
  3. I'd have some additional concerns. For example, founder Bernard G. Breining earned his bachelor’s from Columbia Pacific University and his master’s and doctorate from Breining Institute itself.

    It looks as if Breining Institute is approved to provide continuing education for some professional designations in some states. If this happened to meet my needs, I'd consider them. But for a degree program? I'd look around a little more.
  4. StevenKing

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    Tried to edit former post but missed the 10 minute deadline

    I am not a mental health worker but the title "Doctor of Addictive Disorders" seems like mill speak.

    Steven King

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