Brazil's Comissão de Análise do Registro de Especialistas do CRP-12?

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    I've been sent an email (apparently, I'm a "caros colegas") by the Comissão de Análise do Registro de Especialistas do CRP-12, something to do with a conference this week about the field of psychology? I can think of a somewhat roundabout way I might have been placed on a mailing list, but it's still rather odd. Does anyone know about the Comissão or "CRP-12" and their relation to education?
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    “Caros colegas” is a salutation that translates to Dear colleagues. “CRP-12” is an acronym for Conselho Regional de Psicologia - 12ª Região, or the Regional Psychology Council – 12th Region.

    There are 15 regional (state) councils responsible for licensing and registering psychologists in Brazil. The 12th region’s jurisdiction is the state of Santa Catarina, and their web site can be found [url =]here.[/url] A listing of all the CRP’s as well as the CFP (Conselho Federal de Psicologia) can be found here.

    Typically a registered psychologist will list their name as José Doe CRP-XX/YYYYY, where the X’s indicated which region (state), and the Y’s are the registration number. Alternatively, the individual may have a CFP number.

    Apparently the conference is concerning an analysis (conducted by a duly delegated commission) of the registry of specialists within the CRP-12. I do not believe this has anything to do with education, distance or not, but without seeing the full email, I cannot be certain. More than likely, somewhere along the line, you gave out your email in order to gain access to a site, making you now a caro colega.

    Gus Sainz

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