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Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by Cauble_TXSG, Dec 20, 2005.

  1. Cauble_TXSG

    Cauble_TXSG Member

    Does anyone have any experience that they can talk about regarding the DL classes and processes at Boston U?

    I am thinking about a MS program there. It is astronomically expensive however I feel that I need my masters to come from a school that people will recognize.

    Any feedback here would be great.


  2. jtaee1920

    jtaee1920 New Member

    I have no experience with Boston U but am familiar with the school because I lived on the east coast for several years.

    While BU is certainly a good school, the name value decreases significantly outside of Mass & Connecticut. Unless you live in new england, you could probably find regional schools with comparable name recognition. This may not be the case if BU is a leader in your field (i.e. Warton/Chicago - MBA)

    Why the need for a "name" school and why do you feel BU is the school you need?
  3. JoAnnP38

    JoAnnP38 Member

    What type of degree are you looking to pursue? BTW, I agree with your decision to look for a school with name recognition. If you can tell us what you are looking for perhaps we can suggest some comparable programs.
  4. blahetka

    blahetka New Member

    I can't comment on how well their DL degree programs are, however a colleague of mine is taking the school's CFP designation coursework via DL. She is less than impressed.
  5. Jack Tracey

    Jack Tracey New Member

    I believe that name recognition counts for something. I think many people would agree. The next question is, "OK, so how much, exactly, does it count?" Will a BU degree actually be worth spending $20K more (I'm inventing these numbers) in Texas? I would think you'd want a Texas degree if you were in Texas. Wouldn't a degree from Texas A&M (for example) have better name recognition in Texas? Sorry for my ignorance, the only time I've ever been in Texas was a stopover in the Dallas airport (lots and lots of shops, as I remember). Anyway, BU is a very good school. It is also an expensive school. If you think it's worth the money then that's fine but before you push that button I'd try to see if there's a way to know for certain. Good luck.
  6. Cauble_TXSG

    Cauble_TXSG Member

    Thanks for all of the feedback so far.

    The degree program that I am looking at is as follows:

    MS in Management
    Business Continuity and Emergency Management

    While I am sure that all of the fees are not calculated in the cost of the program, the published tuition rate for the program would be just over $30K.

    As I stated, the program is VERY expensive. I would love to find a lower priced alternative, but I feel the need for the school to have some universal name recognition.


    Thanks.... David
  7. bceagles

    bceagles Member

    My Personal Obstervation…….

    Working in Boston, I always found myself in the same or similar job(s) (and similar pay levels) as people with Degrees from Boston University (know to locals as BU, pronounced Bee-You) as well as Bentley and Babson. I was always told that they were very competitive, expensive, and tough to get into. If they were such great schools, why were their alumni in the same jobs as people (Like Me) from State Schools? Just my 2 cents!
  8. JH50

    JH50 New Member

    My opinion is that while a degree will get a persons attention, you will need other credentials to back it up. If I were an employer, I would obviously look at education, but more importantly I would look to see if the person has the work experience, knowledge, and right temperament for my work setting. If you don't mind a large amount of student loan debt (or your employer will pay for it), I say go for it. Otherwise, I would pass and look for a comparable program. A big name degree does not guarantee that you will get a job!
  9. PMBrooks

    PMBrooks New Member

    Not to divert the discussion of the thread, but since you all were speaking of schools in the Boston area...

    Does anyone know of the recognition of Lesley Universit? Similar question as to BU...I know Lesley is accredited, etc., but how is its local reputation in the Boston area?
  10. Jack Tracey

    Jack Tracey New Member

    Lesley is a nice school located just down the street from Harvard. Overall the y have a good reputation. Beyond that I would say that they are known for being a bit "crunchy granola." By that I mean that you might not go there if you wanted to study Physics. However, if you want to study Art or Education or Dance Therapy then it's a great place to enroll. They also have a couple "build your own" Interdisciplinary programs that are attractive for a lot of people. I think their Masters in Education programs are well thought of. A lot of people enroll at Lesley despite the fact that it's not inexpensive (and there are cheaper places nearby). There are a few other Boston people on the forum who might chime in (even though we've dragged this thread off-topic, sorry).
  11. Neekmeister

    Neekmeister New Member

    I also considering a BU MS...

    Can somebody currently (or previously) enrolled comment on the program? I am a little put of by the low admission requirements that they seem to have --> No GMAT, 2.0 GPA etc....

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