Boeing spacecraft carrying two NASA astronauts lifts off in historic launch

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    While jokes could be made, space stuff is hard, and I'm glad to see them safely in orbit.
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    Always been exiting about the space projects.
    Indeed, Boeing is in the news, and jokes are being made, but it's a proud moment for this project for them, and it's needed.
    World-class company, have many friends working there. Too bad the other news is happening, but many big companies at times deal
    with failures, Toyota, another company I worked for, was caught cheating on their vehicle certifications and halted shipments of some models.

    Actually I used to work for Rockwell and remember our 6 or so plants were sold to Boeing, I almost ended up with Boeing.
    But last minute one of the directors transferred me to his team, in to Telecom and later ecommerce division.
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    LIVE: Boeing Starliner docks at the International Space Station

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    This article didn't make one point as clear as a different article I read. That is that the problem is in the backend of the module. This backend will be jettisoned prior to reentry and will burn up during reentry. So they want to get as much info on the problem as possible but this has to be done before they head back. They could head back any time they wanted so they are not really stranded per say.
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  7. Lerner

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    “We are letting the data drive our decision-making relative to managing the small helium system leaks and thruster performance we observed during rendezvous and docking.”

    The space agency also said Wilmore and Williams are not "stranded" as they could undock and fly home at any time if deemed necessary. They are being kept in orbit passed their planned return to "allow mission teams time to review propulsion system data."

    The schedule is flexible, they have till mid Aug..
  8. SteveFoerster

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    I guess it's not that big a hardship to be an astronaut who's been told you'll spend a few more weeks in space.

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