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    I paid 600.00 for a guaranteed A in elementary Statistics. The 1st tutor failed everything. I then asked for my money back and they offered another tutor. This tutor made B's and C's on homework assignment. Not completing several homework. Then he failed a quiz and was late on next quiz. I asked for my money back and was threatened that they woudl call my school and tell the school that they did all the work. 1st off I did over half the homework assignments myself (since boostmygrade had nothing done 24hrs before the assignment was due). 2nd my school requires midterm and final exam to be taken in person. I took midterm and made a C. This would pass if boost my grade had kept an A in home work and A in quiz. I failed the class. AND GOT NO MONEY BACK FROM THEIR GUARANTEE. If anyone is interested in a class action suit I would be glad to be apart (and not receive a dime). I would just like to see them get what they deserve! I am an RN with an associates degree and was working on my bachelors. I had a 4.0 in every class but couldn't understand statistics. is a rip off.

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