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    I plan to rely on the Kaplan and Princeton Review books and know everything in those books. (As I go through them, I'll look up more detail on certain concepts. I also have an old ETS book but it has markings, older versions of the K & PR books, a textbook, etc.)

    Anyway, I am looking for another tool for studying college-level Bio that is more visual/multimedia. Preferrably interactive. Ideally something that is geared towards the GRE but that may not be possible.

    I found this, but it's fairly expensive. Anyone know if this place is half as good as they claim? They make it sound like you can watch their 2 dozen videos in a day and you'll know a lot afterwards. Even if I had to go through their material multiple times and wait in between (hopefully I'm allowed to have at least a month if I sign up), maybe it's worth it to get me started or later once I've read the other books? Pretty iffy on the value still.

    I know I can buy flashcards at the bookstore or make my own. What other study tools are GOOD for this material? Thanks.
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    you're not kidding that is pricey. The thing that concerns me most though is their disclaimer page. Read it.
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