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    I am looking for a free or low cost Bible college, especially non denominational ones. I am want to earn multiple degrees in Biblical Counseling maybe up to the Doctorate level. I don't want to buy a degree I am disabled on a fixed income and people share their problems with me, so it would be nice as a christian to know how to guide them and pray with them about their hurts. As a lay counselor accreditation is optional for me. Any experiences with Free Landia? Or Salt Lake Baptist?

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    Liberty University

    The accredited Christian counseling program offered online that comes to mind is Liberty University. I don't know what you can tolerate as far as cost goes but they have a strong sense of mission and may find a solution for you if they are convinced you share their vision.

    You can find descriptions of their online counseling programs here:

    PID=14279Master's programs | Liberty University Online
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